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Commercial Dishwashers are a huge time saver in a commercial kitchen, capable of cleaning a high volume of soiled dishes in a fraction of the time it would take to hand wash. At Mission Restaurant Supply we carry a number of different sized machines from heavy-duty Undercounter Dishwashers and Glasswashers to larger Door Type Dishwashers and finally the oversized Conveyor Dishmachines for your high volume dishwashing applications. Investing in a reliable and durable, quality-made commercial dishwasher will save you enormous amounts of time while reducing labor costs in the back of the house. Many of the commercial dishmachines at Mission Restuarant Supply are also designed to save you in operational and utility costs with Energy Star ratings assigned to many of them.

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Undercounter Dishwashers
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Commercial Glasswashers
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The 4 Steps to Buying Commercial Dishwashers

If you own or manage a restaurant or foodservice operation, you probably spend a fair amount of your time ensuring that your operations run smoothly and efficiently. A restaurant is a fragile ecosystem, where one disruption in efficiency can cause a bottleneck that slows down your entire operation. This is especially true in the back-of-house area, as getting the orders to your serving staff is key to pleasing your customers and providing the sort of great dining experience that will keep them loyal and coming back. It should be obvious then, that your dishwashing crew needs to be operating at peak efficiency in order to ensure smooth operations in the kitchen. Even if you have a well-trained and hard-working dishwashing staff, they can easily become overwhelmed if their equipment fails. If this happens, your entire operation could grind to a halt. For this reason, it is important to make sure the equipment you invest in is reliable and of high quality. There are four important steps you should perform when you are buying commercial dishwashers for your restaurant.

  1. The first and more obvious factor to take into consideration when buying commercial dishwashers is the washing capacity required for your operation. If you are a new restaurant, you should look to similarly-sized establishments in your area, and always buy equipment that is larger than you think you will need so as to prepare for future growth. If you are an established restaurant, then you already have an idea of the sort of volume you will be processing. Communicate with your dishwashing staff; they know better than anyone how well the old equipment was measuring up. If they were feeling pinched and lagging behind because the dishwashers were not large enough, then it is obviously a good idea to upgrade and allow for room to grow.
  2. Secondly, when purchasing a commercial dishwasher, you need to consider your workflow. Washing dishes in a restaurant environment is never a single-step process. This means that you need to be highly conscious of how the individual tasks associated with washing a high volume of dishes flow together, and optimize this to achieve the greatest efficiency possible. The first step in optimizing your workflow is to isolate the individual tasks that need to be performed during the dishwashing process. Your processes will vary according to your individual operation, but generally they consist of rinsing, racking, washing, and restocking.
  3. When buying a commercial dishwasher you need to also set up the optimized series of stations that will make this workflow possible. You can design these from stainless steel sinks, tables, and countertops, customized to fit your workflow and your dishwashing area. The first station should be a large sink with a rinsing nozzle and pads for scrubbing away stuck-on food. Rinsing means removing the food residue that you do not want to enter the dishwasher. The better your staff is in this task, the more efficiently your dishwasher will perform. Because the efficiency of this station can vary greatly depending on the dishes themselves, make sure you have set up an area behind it where incoming dishes can pile up a bit without getting in anyone way. Racking simply means transferring the rinsed dirty dishes from the rinsing area onto the racks that will fit into the dishwasher. This will be the area between the rinsing station and the dishwasher itself, and should be large enough to accommodate several racks so as not to slow down your rinsing while the dishwasher is working.
  4. Finally, to ensure your commercial dishwashers performance, you need to set up the station that contains the dishwasher itself. This is going to fall in line with your other stations, and will vary depending on the model of dishwasher you choose. There are many varieties of dishwashers available, and you will probably make your choice based on price and space available. Under-counter dishwashers are the least expensive, but they are also slower, smaller and less suited to high-volume operations. Built-in corner units are much better, but if you have the budget and the space, you canít beat a straight-thru unit. These models allow you to pass the rack of dishes in one end, and retrieve them from the other when the wash cycle completes. This is great for efficiency, as you can continue rinsing as fast as possible, without having to clear the area to retrieve the washed dishes. If you use a straight-thru unit, the area on the far side of the dishwasher will be where you can inspect the dishes before restocking them to the kitchen or dining area.

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