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  • Kitchen Tools with Alternative Uses

    Over the years, Mission Restaurant Supply has provided quality restaurant supplies and equipment to businesses all over the country. We have become the premier source for smallwares and kitchen equipments for bars, cafes, hotels, schools and many more venues. What we didn't realize was how many artists and young engineers were purchasing supplies to make something totally new and innovative. We were extremely happy to see that our products could be so useful to individuals that weren't even involved with the foodservice industry. Check out some of the ways that these truly fantastic artists and engineers utilized different kitchen products.
    Todd Owyoung Todd Owyoung Music Photographer Todd is an extremely talented music photographer and has gained a ton of recognition for his work. His photos can be seen everywhere and his creativity is unsurpassed. We were pleased to find that he had actually used a few of our products in his DIY Tutorial on how to make a beauty dish. His simple step-by-step tutorial proved to photographers everywhere that they too could be more innovative when constructing photography equipment. To see his DIY Beauty Dish tutorial video, please click here.
    - Check out the products he used below:

    Uni-Directional-WIFI-Range-Extender Uni-Directional WIFI Range Extender This is probably one of the most brilliant (and cost efficient) ways we have ever seen someone extend their WIFI usage. This simple design is something that any individual with enough time on their hands could duplicate. - This is what you'll need:

    sensorytable_flt1 The Creative Child: Sensory Exploration with Beans We're all for fun projects for kids and this food storage container that was made into a plan bin is perfect. Simply by taking some small objects, lots of beans,  a large bin, and a plastic scoop you can transform basic kitchen supplies into something fun for your child. Try it at home today. - Don't forget to buy:

    188289-img_16393_606_350 Funnel for Speakers By far the best idea anyone has had yet for utilizing their extra kitchen supplies - and it's so simple, too! This person had the brilliant idea of simply hooking up their plastic funnels to the earpieces of their MP3 players. Voila! New speakers. - You need this:

    CookerinBox_ Solar Funnel Cooker Ever been stuck in the wilderness somewhere with a piece of cardboard, a measuring cup, a metal bowl, and a plastic bag and wondered what to do with them? Probably not, but this guy must have found himself in that very situation. Actually he just wanted to demonstrate that you could make your very solar funnel cooker from products that you have around the house. Check out his tutorial on how to make one in your very own home. - Must buy items:

    iphone-savior DIY Fork iPhone Stand We all love to keep our precious smart phones safe, but holding them all day can be pretty tiresome. This cool little contraption made only from forks and spoons is the perfect solution. It's easy and cheap to make, super cute, and can be placed anywhere. Who knew silverware could be so entertaining? - The necessary materials:

    smalldsc_4610 Blender Defender I'm not going to lie - this idea is a little far-fetched. However, for those of us who understand what a nuisance (and joy) pets can be at times this project is perfect. You just take a blender of any size, hook it up to a strobe light, a network camera, and a 10x appliance module and you're good to go. Don't worry; your furry little friend will be okay. - The essential item:

    For more information on these projects, the individuals who created them, or detailed instructions please visit the following sites: Alternative Uses for a Colander DIY Beauty Dish Bowls for Kids Funnels for Speakers Solar Funnel Cooker DIY Fork iPhone Stand Blender Defender Special thanks to, Todd Owyoung of, Isis Parenting, PC World,, and Steven E Jones (Professor of Physics at Brigham Young University). All images shown are from noted sources above. For more information on Mission Restaurant Supply or our products, please check out our main site at or email us at - thank you!
  • MAY 2010 Chef Feature

    At Mission Restaurant Supply we have a lot of love for our customers. Every individual in our company is dedicated to our community and to each other. That's why we decided that we wanted to feature chefs around the country that we have had the honor of getting to know on a personal level and that we believe have truly influenced the foodservice industry in a very positive way. These individuals are pioneers in the kitchen and beyond. They are not only determined to deliver an incredible experience, but also dedicated to the well being of their guests and staff. Chef MartinezAfter frequenting Papa Louie's Diner since it opened in December and realizing how incredible the food was, I knew that we had to feature Chef Martinez. I have never met a chef that remembered every single one of his guest's names and where they were from. On top of that, he remembers what they order and how they like their food prepared. He even greets his guests out on the sidewalk right outside of his small family-owned restaurant in Southtown. He told us that, "San Antonio is big on tourism, but getting the locals attention is always important. They come back over and over, and that's what I want." His style of cooking didn't come from San Antonio though - it was actually greatly influenced by the food and culture he experienced while living in Chicago. "I love the music, the food, the people, the nightlife," he said, "I wanted to bring that to my venue here." Living in Chicago is actually what inspired Chef Martinez to go to culinary school in the first place at CIC (Culinary Institute of Chicago) in 2000. Nearly ten years later, Papa Louie's was born and has become a local hotspot in San Antonio. The food and atmosphere are outstanding and everything is made to order. "I don't believe in making food come out super fast. I believe in quality and consistency, and I've found that guests are willing to wait because they end up enjoying a great meal that was prepared exactly how they wanted it. I am in the kitchen 100% of the time when orders are coming in." Chef Martinez also mentioned that he loves being involved in his community and making the most out of his restaurant's locale. In the coming months he plans to host tequila tastings with another local shop, get involved with local charities, and host events that bring out the essence of Southtown and the King William district. "You have to support your community if you want it to support you." He couldn't be more right. One of the best things about Southtown and King William is that the community comes together on a regular basis to help others and plan big events that the whole city enjoys. "Locals love seeing you out and about and seeing that you're involved in community activities. I buy a lot of fruits and veggies from 'produce row' down the street and I frequent other local restaurants and bars so I run into my restaurant guests from time to time." There's no denying that downtown residents of San Antonio are excited about Chef Martinez's presence and the growth of Papa Louie's Diner. In five short months, Papa Louie's has received great reviews and wonderful comments about its unique style and food. It's definitely safe to assume that this local diner is going to be around for a long time. If you would like to visit Papa Louie's Diner or learn more about the venue, please contact them at: or call 210.532.3115 Thank you to Chef Martinez and his amazing team for their time and efforts. If you know of a chef that you would like to see featured, please contact us at: (210) 354-0690 ext. 243

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