JUNE 2010 Chef Feature

At Mission Restaurant Supply we have a lot of love for our customers. Every individual in our company is dedicated to our community and to each other. That’s why we decided that we wanted to feature chefs around the country that we have had the honor of getting to know on a personal level and that we believe have truly influenced the foodservice industry in a very positive way. These individuals are pioneers in the kitchen and beyond. They are not only determined to deliver an incredible experience, but also dedicated to the well being of their guests and staff. IMG_943622

Chef Gabriel Diaz is amazing. Why? He works harder than anyone I know, he’s incredibly humble, and his food is insanely good. Not to mention he plans to take on an even heavier work load in the coming weeks and he doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. “When I’m at home my time is spent with my family, but when I’m at work my time is spent figuring out what I can do next. I’m always experimenting, and teaching, and implementing.”

Just recently when the chefs of The Lion & Rose were asked who was interested in heading the new catering program Chef Diaz jumped at the opportunity. He told us that the best part of his job is being a part of the growth. “The more the company grows, the more I grow. By taking on the new catering program, I had a chance to develop my cooking skills even more.” The Lion & Rose doesn’t plan on taking baby steps either. With five successful stores opened in two different cities in just five short years there’s no reason to hold back. The Lion & Rose concept was one the first of its kind in San Antonio, which paved the way for immediate expansion and a huge fan base.

In the coming months, Chef Diaz and his team plan to take on a number of different projects to ensure a solid presence in San Antonio and beyond. “We have five restaurants, a catering program, a brand new tea-time menu, we provide room service to a local hotel, we make deliveries, and we host events. On top of that we have a community that supports us because we have an owner that believes in supporting the community. He’s very generous,” Diaz told us.IMG_94088

The Lion & Rose supports a long list of organizations by giving charitable donations, hosting quarterly dinners for the Wounded Warriors of San Antonio, participating the yearly Renaissance Festival for St. Francis Church, supporting the Race for the Cure, and getting involved with sports teams across the state. It really is quite amazing how such a small team of dedicated foodservice professionals can take on so much. According to Chef Diaz, “You have to just get out of your comfort zone, step into the fire, and empower yourself. I personally kind of like the fire – it excites me. It works for me and for this business.”

If you would like to visit The Lion & Rose British Restaurant & Pub or learn more about the venue, please visit their site at: http://www.thelionandrose.com/ or call 210.878.0034.

Thank you to Chef Diaz and his amazing team for their time and efforts.

If you know of a chef that you would like to see featured, please contact us at: laurenb@missionrs.com (210) 354-0690 ext. 243
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    Its amazing the number of services that the Lion and Rose are performing. It sounds like a great way to leverage your resources and experience. I love the idea of providing room-service to a hotel. If you are already running a restaurant and can tag team this, you must gain some advantage from the volume, etc. Awesome.

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