• Weekly Tidbits 11.07-11.13

    Each week, we want to bring you the most interesting (and bizarre) news that we can find pertaining to foodservice, health, and the community. Here are this week's finds from a number of different news sources, blogs, forums, and quirky websites. Twinkie Diet Helps Nutrition Professor Lose 27 Pounds "Say what?" That's exactly what we were thinking when we came across this little gem. How can you possibly eat Twinkies and other junk food everyday for ten weeks and lose weight? Well, one professor from Kansas State University proved that it can be done and listed his entire diet for the world to see. Even he is in shock and the answers aren't clear as to why it worked, but we found it interesting anyway. Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Murals Made From Apples Real talent is hard to define, but anyone that can sit for hours and create beautiful pieces of work out of food is talented in our book. The time and energy that went into these amazing masterpieces shows that creativity can be sparked by anything - even apples. The Secret Fast-Food Diet We find all kinds of interesting little tidbits on Yahoo!, especially from the author of Eat This, Not That. David Zinczenko always has helpful tips for avoiding those precious (and harmful) foods that we just can't stay away from. This article was especially appealing to us because we all LOVE fast-food...and I mean LOVE. The tips that David shared in this article were some of his most helpful tips yet. Foodservice Community: What is the craziest call off excuse you have ever received as a kitchen manager/chef? We want to know, too! We follow the Foodservice Community on a pretty regular basis because of the great content that they provide on their site. Members of the community can post questions, funny stories, and advice to the website and make great connections with other foodservice professionals. This post in particular really grabbed our attention. After reading through a couple of responses, it is CLEAR that foodservice professionals hear some of the craziest stories around. Check the link above to see what we're talking about. Submit your own story if you have one.
  • Mission Has a New Website!

    Here at Mission we've been discussing a complete redesign of our website for months now.  Countless hours have been spent pitching ideas and trying to come up with the perfect design that we felt our customers could truly benefit the most from. Through phone calls and e-mails you guys have always told us what you liked and what you didn't like about our site.  And we listened! First off we wanted to make shopping with Mission a much easier experience.  We actually started implementing this idea about a month ago.  Our new search engine is geared at helping you find exactly what you are looking for.  Now once you search for an item on our site, you can narrow down to exactly what you are looking for by clicking on the "search facets" on the left side of the page.  The new search engine also learns from what everyone searches for to help fine tune each result. Our next goal was to make the site more personalized for you as well.  Our new site is designed to actually remember you as a shopper.    Now when you visit our site, it will remember what items you recently viewed and display them on the home page. It's great if you can't seem to remember what refrigerator or oven it was you were actually looking at last week. On top of remembering what you recently viewed, the site is now designed to auto suggest other items that you might find useful based on the items that you've already viewed.   So if you are only interested in catering items you will now be shown catering items, if you are only looking for items that would be great for home your recommendations would be other great items for your home, and so on.  It's your own personal shopper! One last thing that we have been busy working on is updating our product pages!   From finding and updating product images, updating and completing information from the manufactures, and keeping our prices super low. We're also updating product pages based on questions that you have asked us. You see? We are listening! These are just a few of the current things being worked on for the website.  We have lots of new ideas and features that will be updated throughout the next few months.   We are just so proud of what we have currently created so far, that we felt the need to show it off to you as well.  We hope you like what we have done and if you have any ideas or suggestions for our website feel free to e-mail them to us at info@missionrs.com. Remember, great companies are built up through customer feedback and suggestions. We want to hear from you!
  • Halloween Candy Buy Back Program

    Have you ever wondered what to do with all of your leftover bags of candy after Halloween is over? Don't you wish you had someone to give it to that would find a good use for it? Finally someone has come up with a great solution to this problem. The Halloween Candy Buy Back program allows you to find a dentist in your area that will buy back unopened bags of Halloween candy. These dentists send the candy to an organization called Operation Gratitude, which then sends the candy to U.S. Military troops deployed overseas. Want to find a dentist in your area that is registered with the program? Check here. For dentists that want to register their practice, the link can be found here. For more information on this program, please feel free to contact us at info@missionrs.com
  • NOVEMBER 2010 Chef Feature

    Mike Luna isn't your typical sushi chef. He didn't grow up eating it or making it, nor did he expect for it to become his passion in life. His original inspiration came from an old girlfriend and her incredible family that was willing to teach him all they knew. He spent a few years working in the kitchen at their restaurant before he ever got to make sushi. "Once I learned what it was all about, I realized how creative you could be with food. I ended up working there for twenty years before moving over to Goro's," he told us. Inspiring others to make delicious sushi is now what he finds most important about his job. He is constantly training his staff and making sure that they understand that ingredients, knowledge, and dedication are key at his venue. Goro's is best known for its high quality menu options, creative take on old ideas, and the ever famous Whatever Roll. "Guests can come into our venue and tell us to make 'whatever'. It gives the guest the opportunity to tell us what kind of ingredients they like and it allows our chefs to be innovative," said Luna. "We have several guests that come in several times a week and consistently order the same custom roll. Those dedicated guests have earned their own spot on the menu." What does that mean? You guessed it - order the same thing enough times at Goro's and your roll could be featured on the menu. The very first custom roll to make it to print was the Bobby Roll, soon followed by the Stephanie Roll. "Our menu is constantly evolving and we make sure that the items we're selling match the consumer's tastes. If something doesn't do well, then we get rid of it." It's easy to see that Goro's Sushi is a one-of-a-kind venue. Luna and crew are a hardworking bunch that have created a laidback atmosphere with amazing food. "I have taught my staff that you have to give the customer what they want. You have to listen to them, you have to give input, and you have to guide them," he said. Mike has had enough guests ask about the art of making sushi that he even has a class in the works. He wants to educate his customers and show them how much love he has put into his job. "I believe in sharing your secrets with your customers," he said, "It doesn't make any sense to have a 'secret recipe' and to believe that others will put you out of business. Dedicated customers that trust the chef always return." If you would like to visit Goro's Sushi or learn more about the venue, please contact them at: 210-349-8117 Thank you to Mike Luna and his team for their time and efforts. If you know of a chef that you would like to see featured, please contact us at: laurenb@missionrs.com (210) 354-0690 ext. 234
  • Halloween Goodies

    Halloween is right around the corner and we want to make sure that you are prepared for a spooky, fun-filled weekend! At Mission Restaurant Supply, not only do we provide you with all of the best decorations and supplies for your holiday events, we make sure that we keep you up-to-date on the latest recipes, events, and ideas. We have composed a list of some of our staff favorites so that you and your family can prepare for a hassle-free Halloween. Check out some of the links below for easy, last minute ideas for the coming weekend. Halloween Recipes from AllRecipes.com All Recipes is known for having some of the easiest recipes that are also the most fun to make. They have a recipe for every occasion and they tell you exactly what you'll need to make the perfect treats. Do It Yourself Halloween Lanterns Don't have any Halloween decorations yet? Want to save money and make some yourself? This easy step-by-step guide shows you how to make your very own Halloween decoupage lanterns. All you'll need are small jars, tissue paper, decoupage glue, and ribbon. Make Your Own Trick-or-Treat Bags - Martha Stewart Martha Stewart craft projects are known for being simple and fun for everyone in the family. This easy guide to making a trick-or-treat bags will save you tons of money and allow you to get creative with the little members of your family. Have a question or comment? Feel free to email us at order@missionrs.com or call us toll free at 1(800)319-0690. At Mission, we're dedicated to helping our customers find exactly what they need for any occasion. Shop online now!
  • OCTOBER 2010 Chef Feature

    It's very rare that you find a team of culinarians that work together to uphold the original integrity of a foodservice venue. Dining at a restaurant that is still run by the same manager or chef for nearly twenty years is virtually unheard of. That's why we chose to do this month's Chef Feature at the Guenther House in the first place. Donna Vaughn and crew are dedicated to preserving all of the original aspects of the restaurant and the mill. "They are very focused on consistency and it really pays off," commented one restaurant guest. It's obvious that each individual takes great pride in what they do at the Guenther House and that's why we wanted to recognize all of them this month. The Guenther House restaurant has been open for more than 90 years and still features dishes that are based on the original mill. Pioneer products are still used in all of the buttery biscuits, delicious pastries, and to-die-for waffles. "Just give me the waffles!" exclaimed one guest. They obviously still cause a lot of excitement to this day. Donna even informed us that our sales guys don't ever leave their venue without having the waffles. "They insist on them," she said, "They don't even take a breath while eating them. I always have to remind them to breathe." What's even more amazing about the venue is the fact that all of the employees remember their guests by name, know where they want to sit, and have drinks ready instantly. There are tons of regulars at the Guenther House, which has helped to keep it busy even during tough economic times. The second that one of their regular guests walks in the door Donna is there to greet them with a hug and a smile. She really has a lot of love for the guests, the venue, and the food. She is a brilliant lady and is spilling over with energy despite the million different tasks she has to attend to. "I've been here a really long time," she told us, "but I love this place. There is so much history here." She couldn't be more right. The Guenther House has been in the same family from the beginning, has used the same quality ingredients for decades, and continues to sell their Pioneer products to dozens of companies and the public.
    If you would like to visit the Guenther House or learn more about the venue, please visit their site at: http://www.guentherhouse.com/ or call 210.227.1061 ...and yes, you can buy their famous waffle mix by the bag. Thank you to Donna Vaughn and her team for their time and efforts. If you know of a chef that you would like to see featured, please contact us at: laurenb@missionrs.com (210) 354-0690 ext. 234
  • SEPTEMBER 2010 Chef Feature

    At Mission Restaurant Supply we have a lot of love for our customers. Every individual in our company is dedicated to our community and to each other. That's why we decided that we wanted to feature chefs around the country that we have had the honor of getting to know on a personal level and that we believe have truly influenced the foodservice industry in a very positive way. These individuals are pioneers in the kitchen and beyond. They are not only determined to deliver an incredible experience, but also dedicated to the well being of their guests and staff. IMG_0169smallIt's no newsflash that cupcake fever has swept the nation. Bakeries that specialize in the art of the cupcakes are popping up all over the country and reality TV shows are even highlighting the growing business. One cupcake business in particular has really captivated us because of their saweet concept. Saweet Cupcakes in San Antonio, Texas is the first and only mobile cupcake business that is delivering delicious treats to businesses and individuals all over the city. Sister-in-laws Kehmay and Tien started the business earlier this year and they knew instantly that a bakery just wasn't going to cut it. "We had mentioned to our family members that we wanted to start a [mobile] cupcake business and right away my mom just told us to 'go for it'. She told us that if it was something we really wanted that we should just do it," Kehmay told us, "We knew that we didn't want an actual bakery because they are full-time, non-stop work. We just wanted to get our feet wet." The sister-in-laws originally started out scoping out locations and moving from spot to spot to find hungry customers. Once they found steady business in a few select locations they made a schedule of their stops for customers to check out. Although their schedule is now IMG_0163smallpretty much set, the ladies call it a day once they sell out of cupcakes. And lately, that happens at an extremely rapid pace. "The thing I like best about being on the road is meeting all of the people. Everyone gets so excited about cupcakes," said Kehmay. Getting excited about Saweet Cupcakes isn't hard though -- they're amazing! The girls insist on using high quality ingredients and they don't cut corners. "I really like our sprinkles because they aren't just sugar. The chocolate sprinkles are real dark chocolate and white chocolate. There are no secret ingredients - only quality ingredients." After dominating the cupcake world in San Antonio, the girls have plans to expand. Although a store front may not be the right move for the ladies of Saweet Cupcakes there are other ideas in the works. For now they sell their delicious goodies from the now famous pink cupcake truck and also at SoGo Market Café in Stone Oak. As Kehmay told us, "I love cupcakes. The possibilities are endless." IMG_0174smallIf you would like to visit the Saweet Cupcakes truck or learn more about the venue, please visit their site at: http://www.saweetcupcakes.com/ or call 210.215.0121 Thank you to Kehmay and Tien for their time and efforts. If you know of a chef that you would like to see featured, please contact us at: laurenb@missionrs.com (210) 354-0690 ext. 234
  • Disposable Dinnerware & Supplies

    Must-Have Items for Every Business: At Mission Restaurant Supply we want to provide our customers with all of the essential supplies needed to successfully run a foodservice business. For more than twenty years, we have shipped commercial equipment and restaurant supplies all over the country. We have more than 10,000 products and we add more bunzl_34780120products to our online store each and every day. Although we've sold disposables for a number of years, we thought it was time to add dozens more disposable products to our site that were not only very reasonably priced, but also eco-friendly and recyclable. Mission Restaurant Supply now stocks disposables for any business with a wide variety of to-go items, such as clam shells, to-go plates with separate plastic lids, and to-go bags. We have paper plates, bowls, napkins, cups, straws, and plastic flatware for restaurants, hospitals, events, offices, or even home use. Need toilet paper and paper towels to stock up your restroom at work? We have that, too. All of our items are in stock and ready to ship to your business or home from top manufacturers like Bioplanet and Prime Source. Don't see what you need? Tell us. At Mission we're dedicated to meeting our customers' needs and stocking the items that you need most. Check out our inventory of disposable supplies now! Disposable Plates Disposable Cutlery Disposable To-Go Containers Disposable Cups Disposable Bowls Paper Products Disposable Trays Miscellaneous Have a comment or question? Contact us! info@missionrs.com or 1(800)319-0690
  • Purchasing Frozen Drink Machines for Your Business

    Frozen beverages, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic, are one of the most profitable items you can offer in your venue. The cost is low, the return is high, and the maintenance is a piece of cake. So what machine should you invest in for your business? What size frozen beverage machine would best suit the volume of customers that you have? At Mission Restaurant Supply, we want to make sure that you have all of the resources you need to make smart purchases for your business. The user guide posted below for our Frosty Factory frozen beverage machines is yet another resource that we provide for our customers. Check out the chart below to see serving sizes and intervals to see which machine you should purchase for your venue. Still not sure which Frosty Factory machine is best for your business? Feel free to call us (800-319-0690) or email us with your questions.
    10 oz serving every 12 oz serving every 16 oz serving every Max. oz per serving
    217A each cylinder 60 68 90 36
    117A 35 43 56 36
    115R-1 13 15 20 70
    115R-2 each cylinder 20 26 35 70
    115R-3 each cylinder 28 34 45 70
    215R-1 each cylinder 20 26 35 70
    215F each cylinder 20 26 35 70
    127A 23 30 38 70
    137A 30 35 45 120
    232W 13 15 20 120
    235R-1 13 15 20 120
    235R-2 each cylinder 20 26 35 120
    235R-3 each cylinder 28 34 45 120
    237A 30 34 45 70
    289A 12 14 18 170
    238W 8 10 13 170
    Please note: It takes 3-5 seconds to pour a 16 oz frozen drink. Pouring 4 drinks can take as little as 12 seconds! Take me to the Frosty Factory Frozen Drink Machines! *Not all models listed above are listed on the Mission Restaurant Supply website. If you do not see a model on our site that you would like to order simply contact us with your information and we will email you information on how to complete a special order. Thank you for your purchase!
  • AUGUST 2010 Chef Feature

    At Mission Restaurant Supply we have a lot of love for our customers. Every individual in our company is dedicated to our community and to each other. That's why we decided that we wanted to feature chefs around the country that we have had the honor of getting to know on a personal level and that we believe have truly influenced the foodservice industry in a very positive way. These individuals are pioneers in the kitchen and beyond. They are not only determined to deliver an incredible experience, but also dedicated to the well being of their guests and staff. AUGUST 2010 Chef Feature Chef Patricia Wenckus Auden's Kitchen Auden's Kitchen Patricia WenckusAt first glance, Auden's Kitchen doesn't seem like the kind of restaurant that would be known for its fried chicken and home-style cooking. Although the original intention was for it to be the "neighborhood restaurant", the décor and atmosphere hardly compare to the neighborhood spots that we're most accustomed to. But what an upgrade to home-style cooking! For a very reasonable price you can enjoy delicious food that is paired with one of their many specialty beers or incredible wines. "Guests are often surprised at how affordable our menu is. The prices are super competitive," stated Wenckus. Bruce Auden, also owner of the well-known Biga on the Banks in downtown San Antonio, wanted to open a more affordable venue that was also family frienAuden's Kitchendly to the Stone Oak area. He brought in Patricia Wenckus, who once had a lead role at Biga, to run the restaurant and write up the menu for Auden's Kitchen. Although Wenckus has more than 10 years of restaurant experience and has worked in fine dining venues across the country, she feels at home at Auden's Kitchen. She told us, "I like to make food that reminds me of home. I've looked back at a lot of my mom's recipes and just changed them around a little bit." Chef Wenckus continues to modify her recipes for Auden's Kitchen to fit customers' requests. "The most important part of my job is making sure that the food is good and that both the clientele and staff are happy," stated Wenckus, "Everything else will fall into place." She also mentioned that the best piece of advice she ever received was simply to 'make it happen'. Wenckus let us know that you just have to focus on the end goal and that excuses don't fly. There is always some way to make do and to make things work out for the best. "Always speak up, give ideas, and make sure that everyone's input counts. There really has to be creativity and input throughout the entire staff." If you would like to visit Auden's Kitchen or learn more about the venue, please visit their site at: ittybitty3http://www.audenskitchen.com/ or call 210.494.0070 Thank you to Chef Wenckus and her amazing team for their time and efforts. If you know of a chef that you would like to see featured, please contact us at: laurenb@missionrs.com (210) 354-0690 ext. 243

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