Commercial Refrigerators in a Church Setting

No longer just for profit-minded businesses and restaurants, commercial refrigerators can prove equally as beneficial to a church or other religious institution.

While higher than the cost of a domestic unit, the cost of commercial refrigerators is not excessive, and the benefits of their durability and space can prove as economical and practical for a church as any business.

Because community is, for most churches, a tremendous focus, many churches supply and serve food to others as charity during social events.

Snacks have become a staple that children expect in Sunday school classes. Meals are often brought in to be delivered later to a sick member of the congregation, and any church-wide or small group potluck is brim with food–all of which require a great deal of refrigerated space.

Budgeting for the purchase of a large commercial unit may seem extravagant, but the energy expended on multiple, smaller refrigerators can be just as costly.

For a large church, or even a small church that needs to store cooled food often and in bulk, the energy saved alone can compensate for the cost of a commercial refrigerator, without even measuring the superior reliability.

Restaurants depend on refrigerators, so commercial units are built with the highest quality and with expectations to last. A church may use their refrigerator as frequently as an eatery does, but even if they do not, they should expect to retain their equipment for years.

Though perhaps not the most practical purchase for every church, a commercial refrigerator should be considered a sensible and wise investment when searching for a new unit.

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