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 Whether you have a specifically-green business or not, conserving energy decreases expenditures and increases your profit margin, and counting air doors among your commercial kitchen supplies helps do exactly that.

Refrigerated food storage regions and dining areas must be kept freezing and comfortably cool, respectively. These temperatures contract heavily with kitchens full of hot ovens and warm, working bodies. As warmth leaks into these rooms, cooling systems must churn cold air incessantly to compensate for the rising temperature–a churning that costs hundreds to thousands of dollars every month. Access between these areas must be open for a productive business, and our air doors by Curtron help diminish the energy cost of this access to an enormous degree. Heavy, clear air doors act as an invisible barrier against invasive warm temperatures. Because they are cut into flaps, they still allow for workers to pass through with relative ease, resisting with a force equal to any swinging door, and with a much more brief exposure to heat. The space opened during these entrances and exits is minimal and closes almost instantly, a sharp contrast from the huge gaps of an open door. With air doors, a cold room stays cold almost effortlessly. An additional insulation provided is one rarely considered: noise. Communication in the kitchen is essential but often loud, and, depending on your restaurant’s ambience, it can prove disruptive. Air doors act as a barrier against shouted orders and clanking pans–promoting peace as well as economic viability for your business.

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