New Years Party Kits

The key to a stress-free holiday season is organization and planning ahead for the festivities.  You’ll need to buy plenty of supplies in order to be prepared for your holiday parties. New Years Eve is no exception and finding the supplies you want can be hard the closer it gets. At Mission we have the perfect party kits for your New Years Eve bash. They come will all of the essential party favorites, such as foil hats, horns, glittered tiaras, Hawaiian leis, party clickers, and throws of serpentines. Choose from a multi-colored party set or a shimmering silver party set. Different size kits are available, but make you sure you get them soon!
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    Hello Dru,

    The price is listed at either one of these links:
    Colored New Years Party Kit
    Black & Silver New Years Party Kit

    This is a factory stock item that will come directly from their warehouse in Wisconsin. Shipping times are dependent upon availability, holiday shipping procedures/timing and where you live. Since Friday is a holiday, it is not guaranteed that you would receive it by this weekend.

    If you have any other questions feel free to email me at If you ever have a question in the future please email us at The response time will be much faster.

    Thank you for shopping at Mission!


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