San Jamar: Leading The Way In Food Safety

After going to NAFEM this past month, it was evident that foodservice manufacturers are consciously implementing better food safety practices into their products in order to reduce cases of food borne illness and contamination in the workplace. One company that has always been dedicated to practicing food safety is San Jamar. A leader in the industry, San Jamar continues to push the envelope, producing smart, sanitary-driven products that can better your business. So, we have to ask… Has Your Operation Been San Jamized?

Better Your Restaurant’s Hygiene

Research has shown that the primary cause of foodborne illness is bad hygiene. No one {and I mean NO ONE} likes to go into a dirty, ill-equipped bathroom while dining out. To combat this inexcusable reality, San Jamar has created a prolific line of hand washing tools from sanitizer dispensers to gloves and sensor-operated towel dispensers to make your operation’s bathrooms the best it can be.

Safety Wrap Station

San Jamar has an efficient Safety Wrap Station that dispenses film and foil and has an integrated date label dispenser that saves time and money while keeping food protected and safely stored. Just another way to make your kitchen more efficient and safe.


I’m hard-pressed to think of something more unappetizing than finding a fruit fly or gnat in your beverage. Not only is it unappetizing, but it means the scene behind the bar is not as cleanly as it should be. San Jamar has come out with a Kleen-Plug brush that fits into most beer tap openings to keep fruit flys and other unwelcome creatures away from your bar and out of your customers drinks.

The Dome Garnish Center

This is the ultimate solution for bartenders looking for quick, easy access to condiments and garnishes. They simply snap on to standard mixing rails, and the hinged lid slides back and forth making it easy to get in and out.


The Saf-T-Wash food sanitizing system uses an ozone sanitation process that cleans produce and dramatically increases the shelf life by eliminating bacteria and dangerous pathogens. The use of ozone makes disinfecting a chemical-free process that is environmentally safe and the most efficient, natural alternative on the market. The Saf-T-Wash will save you in labor and chemical costs and installing it is as easy as 1-2-3. Hang on wall, Attach to faucet, Plug in.


The Saf-T-Ice Tote is a tool that aims to keep ice free from contamination while making transportation easy and safe. Most people underestimate the amount of bacteria-or how easily- bacteria can get into your ice. Dirty hands, setting the ice scoop on a contaminated surface, using your ice bucket for other substances, the list goes on and on. San Jamar has created NSF Listed, dishwasher safe ice totes with hooks that allow for recommended off the ground, upside-down storage. They also have a raised grip that moves the hand contact area off the floor to prevent cross contamination. Not to mention all the accessories that are available to you: The Saf-T-Scoop has a germ guard that shields your knuckles and thumb from making contact with the ice when scooping.


We have talked before about the amazing benefits of Rapi-Kool cold paddles which help to cool large stocks of soup, stews, chili, etc. while keeping the food out of the harmful temperature zone. {Not to mention they are NSF Listed and ServSafe recommended!) All you do is fill the paddle to the line with tap water, freeze the paddle, and then place it in the stock, stirring as needed.

CUT-N-CARRY Cutting Boards:

Last but not least, San Jamar might be most well known for their Cut-N-Carry Cutting Boards which are NSF Listed, dishwasher safe, and a best seller here at Mission Restaurant Supply. There are a very wide variety of options including boards with integrated anti-slip grips, pantented food safety hooks for hanging/storage and sanitary transport, and Kolor-Cut designs like the Allergen-Free cutting boards that are catered to specific needs and food types. Prevent cross-contamination from happening in the workplace by monitoring safe preparation in your kitchen. {For any residential consumers reading this, I use my San Jamar cutting boards at home all the time. They are great for both residential and commercial use.}

Believe it or not, we have just barely scraped the surface. San Jamar is a company that has so much to offer. If you need assistance with your order, feel free to call us at or contact us with any questions and start San Jamizing your business today! Click here to watch these products in action!

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