The Endura Grease Interceptor

The foodservice industry has long been faced with the issue of grease management, and more generally, how to properly manage waste in commercial establishments and applications. Finding a way to combat this problem has been an ongoing struggle for years.

That’s why we are excited to offer a valid solution to the problem at hand: The Endura Grease Interceptor.

Designed and injection molded in high-performance thermoplastic, the Endura Grease Interceptor provides foodservice professionals with a proven, reliable, and cost-effective means of managing the grease produced in their establishments before it can cause an often expensive and very unpleasant problem.

At just 1/3 of the weight of a metal grease interceptor, the Endura thermoplastic grease interceptor is easy to transport, install, and clean, due in large part to its light-weight nature.

Though these interceptors are light-weight, they are built with a heavy-duty durability, complete with seamless construction that prohibits leaking.

It’s also perfectly suitable for the most extreme commercial circumstances. How so? The Endura Grease Interceptor is able to operate continuously at temperatures of 220 degrees Fahrenheit, while supporting roughly 440 lbs. of load.

We have various sizes to choose from, all of which have a 440-lbs. surface-load capacity.

Best yet, it is easy to clean with its Quick-Connect Latching System that allows for easy access and entry, contrary to the traditional bolted lid that you find on other models.

NOTE: These units can be installed on the floor, semi-recessed, or fully-recessed in the floor. They also have versatile connections allowing for easy use with existing plumbing systems.

One of the qualities that makes the Endura Grease Interceptor stand out is the unique, Patented Baffle System. The interior baffle was constructed to slow the flow of grease and to maximize the efficiency of grease separation: between 93% and 97% (PRI test certification)!

It has an award-winning Flow Control Device (FCD) that’s a crucial part of the Endura design, and its clean-out lid allows for easy access in the event of blockage.

Another quality that makes the Endura Interceptor a popular favorite is the air-tight seal made of silicone foam that keeps offensive odors from escaping and spreading throughout the workplace.

If you aren’t convinced already that the Endura is the answer to all your grease management problems, consider the incredible warranty offer that’s available with its purchase. Endura provides a 10 year warranty period that guarantees your Endura won’t rust, warp, or peel.

We think the innovative design and strength of Endura makes it a great option for the foodservice industry.

Have questions? Call us toll free at 800-319-0690 or email us at

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