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Investing in a Commercial Food Mixer from Mission Restaurant Supply means equipping your bakery kitchen or restaurant with the best equipment in the industry. The selection online includes countertop mixers, floor mixers, hand mixers or immersion blenders along with various mixer attachments and accessories. All of our Commercial Food Mixers at Mission Restaurant Supply are manufactured by trusted industry brands like Hobart, Vulcan, Globe, Univex and Vollrath to name a few so you get the most yield and highest performance out of each mixing experience. Get the best prices and the best quality when you shop for commercial mixers at Mission Restaurant Supply!

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Buying Food Mixers for your Restaurant

Found in every professional kitchen, food mixers are one of the most versatile pieces of restaurant equipment. Commercial mixers come in many different types and sizes, and there are models that can be used for a great variety of applications. From hand-mixer models to floor mixers, there are many options to choose from for your restaurant or home kitchen.

The smallest food mixers on the market are hand-mixers. These diminutive but incredibly versatile machines are a must-have for any restaurant operation. While hand mixers are also found in most home kitchens, there are some major differences between residential and commercial models that you need to be aware of. First off, residential hand mixers are often made of plastic while commercial hand mixers are made generally of stainless steel. Not only are good commercial mixers steel on the outside, but many more of their inner components are metal, making them much better at handling long-term and frequent use. In addition, the motor of a commercial hand mixer is much more powerful than a residential model. Because you’re going to need to blend large volumes of ingredients quickly and on a regular basis, this speed difference is important.

Next up the size scale of food mixers are countertop models. These too are found in home kitchens around the world, and like hand-mixers, have significant difference between commercial and residential models. Commercial countertop mixers are generally quite a bit larger than residential versions, and vary in size greatly. In fact, there are countertop mixer models on the market with the same mixing capacity as smaller floor mixers. The size of the countertop mixer you choose will depend on its application and on whether you have a floor mixer. If your restaurant has fairly large mixing needs, but not large enough to necessitate a big floor mixer, then a smart compromise can be to buy a larger countertop unit, such as a 20-quart capacity model. This way, you can still perform large mixing tasks without the overkill of a needlessly-large floor model. For commercial use, you also want to select a mixer with stainless steel construction and a powerful motor.

Of course, if you’re operating a bakery or other kitchen that requires the mixing of extremely large batches of ingredients, then floor-mounted food mixers should be on your radar. These mixing behemoths also come in a variety of sizes, all of them very large compared to countertop or hand mixers. While significantly more expensive than the other types of mixers, floor mixers offer a massive upgrade in speed and performance. Bakeries, in particular, usually need to have at least one floor mixer for mixing heavy batches of batter and dough. Because commercial bakery ingredients are often sold in 50 lb. bags, you’ll need a large and powerful mixer to accommodate them. Besides the variations in size, floor mixers also feature different motor sizes. Make sure you buy one that is fast and powerful enough for your needs.

Finally, your food mixers are going to need attachments. There are some incredibly innovative mixer attachments that can increase your productivity and help you get the most out of your commercial mixer investment. Some of the most interesting and useful types of attachments are the ones for grating, shredding, and slicing. These attachments will turn your mixer into a food slicer or grater. This can be very handy for kitchens that need to slice ingredients occasionally, but not often enough to necessitate an expensive dedicated slicer. In addition to these, there is no end to the different attachments you can buy for your mixers. Because of this, food mixers are a brilliant investment for any kitchen and are sure to offer you a great value.

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