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  1. The Best Choking Posters Online

    The Best Choking Posters Online
    UPDATE: Need a choking poster for your restaurant? Download our MissionRS choking poster for free. Or visit one of our store locations in Texas to get yours. With over 4,000 victims a year, choking is a serious hazard in restaurants. According to, a handful of states require food service establishments to display a choking poster to illustrate how to handle a choking emergency. We love the way these artists have drawn attention to the importance of reacting appropriately in a choking emergency while making the educated guide a little more entertaining. Here are some of the most unique choking posters we could find on the internet. Continue reading →
  2. [Infographic] Understanding Food Costs

    Check out our latest infographic for tips on tracking your company's  food costs. Do your food costs add up? Controlling and monitoring your restaurant's food costs is a never ending, yet essential task every successful restaurateur knows well. Get the lowdown on controlling food costs and some tips for accurate cost tracking with this new infographic. Continue reading →
  3. Must Read Tips for Opening a Restaurant

    Opening a restaurant is a huge undertaking with a lot of moving parts and a task list that is a mile long. Don’t forget these points that could save you some pain down the road. Location, Talent, Concept Location, location, location Chef Tyson Cole has two wildly popular sushi restaurants in Austin, TX. When he says you should never start without the big three, you should probably listen. The big three according to Cole are location, talent (chef), and concept. Starting with a location that is physically accessible increases the chances of success. But there's more than just physical accessibility. To target the widest demographic, your restaurant also has to be accessible in a broader sense. Fast service, casual dress, and lower cost are all things that make your restaurant more accessible. "Fast casual restaurants are booming because they’re incredibly accessible on all levels" Having a clearly defined concept will help you choose the right location and make sure you have the right talent to bring that concept to life. Chef Cole says that these three are intertwined. "No restaurant succeeds without a great chef, a great location and a great concept. They all work together. Your location should fit your concept. Your chef, or 'talent,' must fit your concept, otherwise you’ll constantly deal with the most common word in the restaurant business: Drama." Continue reading →
  4. [Infographic] Induction Cooking Pros and Cons

    induction-blog Have you considered an induction cooktop but don't know where to start? Get the facts to weigh the pros and cons of induction cooking! Find out if investing in an induction range is right for you with this infographic. Continue reading →
  5. 6 Elements Every Restaurant Website Should Feature

    In this digital day and age, restaurants need to have great websites that provide customers the information they want and need to draw them into the dining experience. Restaurant Engine and SEO Aware have given some tips for what every restaurant website needs to bring customers into their unique dining experience. To illustrate some of these elements, we'll use San Antonio's own Bella On The River as an example. Continue reading →
  6. Celebrity Chef Memes

    Many chefs have personalities that bring them out of the kitchen and into our homes and our dinner table discussions. Over time, several celebrity chefs have left a mark on our society and culture. Here we celebrate those chefs who have changed the way we think about food and cooking or just made us laugh. Julia Child Julia Child was known as a woman who wasn't afraid to make her opinions known. She also wasn't afraid of non-diet food like butter, cake, and steak. Her wisdom often transcended cooking and applied to living a full life. Recently, Paste Magazine put together some of the best Julia-ism memes as a tribute to one of the first celebrity chefs. [caption id="attachment_5598" align="aligncenter" width="300"]julia-child-cream-butter-ii Paste Magazine[/caption] Continue reading →
  7. 4 Ways To Fill Your Restaurant on Valentine's Day

    Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. As a restaurant owner/manager, you are likely thinking about how to fill your tables. Here are four areas that we suggest you consider to meet that goal. Continue reading →
  8. 7 Topics to Discuss with Your Caterer

    The holidays are approaching, and as you put together the biggest bash of the year, you'll likely need to hire a caterer. We absolutely recommend the usual discussions, such as budget, menu and references. There are also other considerations that you might miss, so the team at Mission Restaurant Supply has scoured the web to put together a list of seven discussions you probably haven't covered. Continue reading →
  9. Ultimate Guide to Holiday Marketing for Restaurants

    For restaurants, the holiday season can be feast or famine. We have compiled a list of tips for holiday marketing that will help keep your tables full all season long. Reward Early Reservations Beautiful gift card, vector illustration. Fill your restaurant calendar for the holidays by rewarding your guests who book early. A gift card or discount for early planning along with a cancellation fee will ensure your dining room and/or event room is fully booked for the season. Continue reading →
  10. How the food truck became a symbol of American perseverance

    What does the food truck mean to you?With roots dating back to the post-Civil War Era, and a revival brought on amidst a recent recession, is there something to be said about food trucks? Can we learn a thing or two from the street vendor industry and its ability to poke its head above water in the toughest of times?In...

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