Accommodating Religious Dietary Restrictions in Your Restaurant

Living in the United States, we are part of a giant melting pot of different cultures, religions, and people. This is reflected in our schools, universities, shopping malls, and your restaurant! There are several different cultures and religions that require certain dietary restrictions. The more you and your restaurant staff are familiar with these guidelines, the easier it will be to accommodate your diverse guests, and the more welcome they will feel at your restaurant. Below are some of the most common guidelines that your guests may need to follow:

Hindu Dietary Restrictions

  • Vegetarianism (no meat)- Vegetarianism is encouraged, but not required. Hindus believe that one must have respect and compassion for all humans and animals. 
  • Non-Vegetarianism (limited meat) – Chicken and lamb are two acceptable meat options for non-vegetarian Hindus. However, consumption of beef is strictly prohibited as the cow is considered sacred to them.

Jewish Dietary Restrictions

  • No mixing meat and dairy – It is against Jewish dietary laws to mix meat and dairy. This includes during food preparation and consumption.
  • Meat restrictions – Shellfish, pig, rabbits, and camels are strictly prohibited in any Kosher dish.
  • Slaughtering process – Meat must be slaughtered in accordance to Jewish law which means the animal  must be killed by slicing its throat and all blood must be drained.
  • Food preparation restrictions – Any utensils, dishes, or restaurant cooking equipment that have come into contact with pork products (and have not been washed) must stay clear of a meal in order for it to remain kosher. Many Jewish guests may request that their dishes are dish-washed separately than ones that contained any pork to be safe.

Muslim Dietary Restrictions

  • No pork products –This includes bacon, lard, and gelatin. If a food preparation item such as a bowl, knife or spoon is in contact with meat product it is no longer considered Halal and cannot be used to prepare Halal food until it is thoroughly sanitized.
  • No alcohol – Preparing food with beer, wine, or other alcohol product is strictly prohibited. Many Muslim guests may request for a sauce containing wine to be cooked without the alcohol.

By familiarizing yourself with these dietary guidelines, you will be able to accommodate guests of all different cultures and faiths and can establish a special trust with them. Trust between you and a customer can only lead to several more visits to your restaurant!

Success Story: Peter Piper Pizza and San Antonio Restaurant Supply

In the restaurant business, having a partner you can trust can make all the difference. Pizza Properties, Inc., was searching for such a partner and found one in Mission Restaurant Supply.

Pizza Properties, Inc. is a growing company that owns and operates several Burger King and Peter Piper Pizza franchises all across Texas. The organization places a great amount of control in the hands of their general managers and Area Managers as they also act as owners. This allows them to handpick the businesses they build partnerships with. As a restaurant, one of the biggest partnerships to establish is for restaurant equipment and supplies.

The Need for a San Antonio Restaurant Equipment Dealer

Lee Verhyen, Area Manager, supervises five Peter Piper Pizza outlets in San Antonio and neighboring communities. Pizza Properties, Inc. Area Managers like Verhyen have multi-role positions in which they must balance the day-to-day demands of each restaurant as well as completing more administrative “desk tasks”. Hence, they need establish systems and partnerships that allow them to complete the administrative work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This explains why Verhyen was looking for a fast and reliable restaurant supply company for all of their needs. Initially, he utilized the existing partnerships that Pizza Properties, Inc. had with two main suppliers in Chicago and El Paso. However, he soon realized that he could expedite delivery times by working with a local restaurant equipment dealer. Sure enough, he discovered our location in San Antonio.

A Fulfilling Partnership

Although online orders were not yet available during the early years of our work together, a local restaurant equipment outlet allowed Verheyen to  quickly drop off and pick up items as needed. For years partnership has blossomed since, especially after the introduction of online ordering.

The personal attention from their account representative, along with fair prices and convenience made us the perfect fit for Verheyen and Pizza Properties, Inc’s needs. With a trustworthy and reliable partner, the company is free to focus on making great food and delivering fantastic service.We are proud of the partnership that we have built with Verhyen and Pizza Properties, Inc. and are excited to see where the future takes us.

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