At Mission Restaurant Supply we have a lot of love for our customers. Every individual in our company is dedicated to our community and to each other. That's why we decided that we wanted to feature chefs around the country that we have had the honor of getting to know on a personal level and that we believe have truly influenced the foodservice industry in a very positive way. These individuals are pioneers in the kitchen and beyond. They are not only determined to deliver an incredible experience, but also dedicated to the well being of their guests and staff.

IMG_0169smallIt's no newsflash that cupcake fever has swept the nation. Bakeries that specialize in the art of the cupcakes are popping up all over the country and reality TV shows are even highlighting the growing business. One cupcake business in particular has really captivated us because of their saweet concept. Saweet Cupcakes in San Antonio, Texas is the first and only mobile cupcake business that is delivering delicious treats to businesses and individuals all over the city. Sister-in-laws Kehmay and Tien started the business earlier this year and they knew instantly that a bakery just wasn't going to cut it. "We had mentioned to our family members that we wanted to start a [mobile] cupcake business and right away my mom just told us to 'go for it'. She told us that if it was something we really wanted that we should just do it," Kehmay told us, "We knew that we didn't want an actual bakery because they are full-time, non-stop work. We just wanted to get our feet wet."

The sister-in-laws originally started out scoping out locations and moving from spot to spot to find hungry customers. Once they found steady business in a few select locations they made a schedule of their stops for customers to check out. Although their schedule is now IMG_0163smallpretty much set, the ladies call it a day once they sell out of cupcakes. And lately, that happens at an extremely rapid pace. "The thing I like best about being on the road is meeting all of the people. Everyone gets so excited about cupcakes," said Kehmay. Getting excited about Saweet Cupcakes isn't hard though -- they're amazing! The girls insist on using high quality ingredients and they don't cut corners. "I really like our sprinkles because they aren't just sugar. The chocolate sprinkles are real dark chocolate and white chocolate. There are no secret ingredients - only quality ingredients."

After dominating the cupcake world in San Antonio, the girls have plans to expand. Although a store front may not be the right move for the ladies of Saweet Cupcakes there are other ideas in the works. For now they sell their delicious goodies from the now famous pink cupcake truck and also at SoGo Market Café in Stone Oak. As Kehmay told us, "I love cupcakes. The possibilities are endless."

IMG_0174smallIf you would like to visit the Saweet Cupcakes truck or learn more about the venue, please visit their site at: or call 210.215.0121
Thank you to Kehmay and Tien for their time and efforts.

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