MissionRS Celebrates Chefs with Our Favorite #Chefproblems Posts

Our Favorite #Chefproblems Posts

Most people don’t realize what a hard life a chef has. Mission Restaurant Supply knows the struggle is real for the back of the house. Here are some of our favorite posts that give just a glimpse into the most real and common #chefproblems.

Dealing with unreasonable customers…

We all know the names describing the levels of meat ‘doneness,’ but what does that REALLY mean? Chefs understand that the general population doesn’t have a clue.

Sometimes their orders give away their ignorance of the culinary arts…

And sometimes you wonder if you’re being Punk’d…

Love or Hate? Usually Both…

Working in the trenches of a busy kitchen forges the best friends, the worst enemies and that all too common hybrid, the frienemy. Regardless of friendship status, we know everyone is fair game in a time of crisis.

One last time. #chefproblems 💀

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And The Pain is REAL…

Chefs not only have the pain of a stressful job, but they very often end up in real pain.

Source: Instagram (Original post removed)
Source: Instagram (Original post removed)

We know that sometimes being a chef makes you want to quit…

#cheflife #chefproblems #linecook #chef

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But it’s the little things that get you through…

Besides, in what other profession is it not only completely normal, but actually necessary to play with knives?

Source: Instagram (original post removed)
Source: Instagram (original post removed)
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Celebrity Chef Memes

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