Mission Restaurant Supply is excited to announce a new American brand to our website: Amana Commercial (ACP, Inc.)! As the leading manufacturer of commercial microwave ovens, Amana® has been applying microwave technology for use in the commercial food industry for over thirty years. Recognized as "best in class," this pioneering company offers superior service support and quality control to supplement their leading  product lines.

There are many reasons why microwave ovens have such appeal in this industry. First off, they help restaurants maintain exciting and servable menus by speeding up performance while sustaining safety and reliability. Amana features products that can cook up to 15 times faster than a standard oven. That's like cooking frozen food in just over a minute versus over twenty minutes with conventional methods! Furthermore, Amana microwaves combine up to three cooking energies to deliver hot, crisp, and delicious food in minutes.

Want to know how to turn your restaurant into a success?
Rely on watts do the work!

"Higher Wattage = Greater Throughput!

Greater Throughput = Increase Sales!

Increased Sales - More Profit!"

It's true that higher watt ovens are at the top of the price list, but that's why Mission features Amana's full line of commercial microwaves. Every customer can easily balance their business needs and budget with these great products.

Not convinced yet? Here are a slew of additional reasons why you should include Amana microwave ovens in your commercial kitchen:

  • At least a 3 year warranty on every machine.
  • Access to ACP's Culinary Support as well as 24/7/365 ComServ Support.
  • Each unit meets requirements of commercial insurance policies and health inspectors.
  • No increased HVAC means easy installation. No hood necessary!
  • Save money while cooking green. Faster heat times mean lower power consumption leading to decreased energy costs.
  • All units are made of durable stainless steel to withstand use in a commercial environment.
  • Each unit has a compact footprint to fit in any kitchen with many kit-less stacking options.
  • Fast, consistent, and versatile cooking with programmable menu settings (up to 360 on some units)!Check out our Commercial Microwaves here! Let us know how we can serve you: Call us today at 1-800-319-0690 or email us at order@missionrs.com