Convection Cooking is a technique that's been a mainstay in the industry since its inception for its ability to significantly reduce cook times while delivering great results for a wide range of foods and cooking functions. With a high quality, commercial convection oven, you truly get the most out of each cooking cycle plus you get the versatility of being able to cook, retherm, bake, roast and more.

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How It Works

Food is cooked by the transfer of heat energy to the food product. This transfer can occur in 3 main ways: Conduction, Radiation and Convection. Here we will talk a little bit about the meaning behind convection cooking and the benefits it has.

Convection Cooking is the transfer of heated energy through a fluid which can be in a liquid or gas state, like air. Convection ovens are found everywhere (even your own home!) and they simply use motionless hot air to cook the food products within. However, in commercial convection ovens, heated air is blown inside the oven cavity with the help of a mounted fan system and a heated element, forcing the hot air through the oven racks and increasing circulation for quicker, even cooking, all at lower temperatures. The fan is the key component that makes the convection process more efficient by constantly moving the air around every piece of food and getting rid of cool spots that can result in unevenness.

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Why a faster cooking time when the temperatures are lower?

When heated air is in motion, as it is in a commercial convection oven, the rate of heat transfer actually increases as opposed to still, motionless air at a higher temperature. So with the constant circulation of air in a convection oven, you're not only speeding up the transfer of heat to the food but you're ensuring a more even, thorough process with a better end result. It's this unique combination of lower temperatures and faster cooking time that allows your food to lock in its natural juices and moisture while having a delicious, crispy, flaky, golden-brown exterior.

Oven Rack Placement

Unlike other ovens, commercial convection ovens have uniform air moving throughout the interior, so oven rack placement isn't important. This means that whether you have vegetables on the bottom rack or the top rack, each dish should get the same amount of air with every cooking cycle. This is great for the large volume restaurant owner or institution that needs to maximize the number of sheet pans per cooking cycle without having to worry about rotation or turning in between.

Perks of Convection Ovens

  1. Evenly cooks everything from vegetables to red meat
  2. No Hot/Cold Spots thanks to mounted fans and maximum circulation
  3. Increased Food Production- food cooks up to 25% faster!
  4. Added Energy Savings due to approximately 30% reduction in temperature
  5. Will deliver the crisp exteriors and juicy interiors your customers love
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Which Convection Oven Do I Need?

We have all different types of convection ovens on from Floor Models to Countertop Models, single deck or double deck, and the list goes on. Choosing which you need will be a factor in the amount of foods you'll be cooking on a regular basis along with the space available to you.

Countertop or Floor?

Both daily volume and space restrictions will help decipher whether you need a countertop or floor model convection oven. Keep in mind that our Countertop selection is all Electric while our Floor models can be either Gas or Electric. The Countertop models are also easier to install thanks to their ventless construction.

Standard or Deep Depth?

Standard Depth Convection Ovens have a 24'' depth whereas the Deep Depth (often called "Baker's Depth") ovens have a 28'' depth measurement. The primary difference is that the Deep Depth allows the baking pan to be loaded in either direction which is a great tool for the baker or institution that needs to fit as many pans as possible per cook cycle.

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