Purchasing Frozen Drink Machines for Your Business

Frozen beverages, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic, are one of the most profitable items you can offer in your venue. The cost is low, the return is high, and the maintenance is a piece of cake. So what machine should you invest in for your business? What size frozen beverage machine would best suit the volume of customers that you have? At Mission Restaurant Supply, we want to make sure that you have all of the resources you need to make smart purchases for your business. The user guide posted below for our Frosty Factory frozen beverage machines is yet another resource that we provide for our customers. Check out the chart below to see serving sizes and intervals to see which machine you should purchase for your venue. Still not sure which Frosty Factory machine is best for your business? Feel free to call us (800-319-0690) or email us with your questions.
10 oz serving every 12 oz serving every 16 oz serving every Max. oz per serving
217A each cylinder 60 68 90 36
117A 35 43 56 36
115R-1 13 15 20 70
115R-2 each cylinder 20 26 35 70
115R-3 each cylinder 28 34 45 70
215R-1 each cylinder 20 26 35 70
215F each cylinder 20 26 35 70
127A 23 30 38 70
137A 30 35 45 120
232W 13 15 20 120
235R-1 13 15 20 120
235R-2 each cylinder 20 26 35 120
235R-3 each cylinder 28 34 45 120
237A 30 34 45 70
289A 12 14 18 170
238W 8 10 13 170
Please note: It takes 3-5 seconds to pour a 16 oz frozen drink. Pouring 4 drinks can take as little as 12 seconds! Take me to the Frosty Factory Frozen Drink Machines! *Not all models listed above are listed on the Mission Restaurant Supply website. If you do not see a model on our site that you would like to order simply contact us with your information and we will email you information on how to complete a special order. Thank you for your purchase!
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