The Return To Culinary School

 Each recurring Fall Season, the back to school rush settles in. Thousands of young, hopeful, and talented foodies flock to culinary schools around the country to learn the craft and trade of becoming a trained chef. It's a great opportunity to learn from professionals while honing your own skill and unique approach to the world of cooking. With a culinary degree, you have the faculty, the facilities, and the room for growth that will allow you to reach your full potential. Like anything, doing well and succeeding at culinary school means working your hardest and learning along the way. The restaurant/ foodservice industry is a tough one, but the rewards, the relationships and the experience pays off in the end, and we happen to think it's the best place to be out there. In our mind, being in the foodservice industry means having stellar service skills, being personal, a leader, and always in tune to what will make the customer most satisfied.

2 fabulous culinary programs in San Antonio, Texas

In the past few years, Mission Restaurant Supply has been giving back to the culinary student community, granting the MissionRS Scholarship Fund to one student every year seeking a Culinary Arts degree at St. Philips College in downtown San Antonio (the pictures below show two of the students who've been granted our scholarship in the past!) We are so proud of our students and of all of you who are interested in pursuing a culinary education. The time is yours!


Best of luck in the coming months if you're pursuing culinary school! Make sure to check our Culinary Student page on the website- a page devoted to all of you bright-minded individuals who might need new supplies before the session begins.

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    It is very important to note that most culinary programs include an on-the-job component, such as an internship. This can be either paid or unpaid, depending on the individual school and program. It's vital to understand that this can significantly increase the amount of time you spend out in the workforce versus in a classroom. So, while you technically may be a student for two or more years, if you secure a paying internship, you could be working full-time during some of your schooling (and earning a regular wage).

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