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Chef Larry Delgado was born and raised in the Valley. In 2008, he opened house. wine. & bistro, which started as just a wine lounge and furniture store.

About a year later, Chef Larry and his wife, Jessica, decided that a restaurant was needed in that space, so they added a full kitchen.

In 2013, he opened a second concept, SALT – New American Table, which takes a global approach to local sourcing. The concept allows Chef Larry to play with different cuisines and cultures and still focus on local sourcing and sustainability. After traveling to Mexico in 2015, Chef Larry was able to clearly define the line between Mexican cuisine and Tex-Mex cuisine.

He wanted to celebrate the traditions of Mexican cuisine with his third restaurant, Salomé on Main, which takes a regional approach to Mexican cuisine.

These three restaurants make up the Delgado Collective.

In all of his restaurants, Chef Larry has always been dedicated to purchasing locally—not just produce and proteins but also as many local purveyors as he can to help support the community.

Chef Larry partners with Mission Restaurant Supply because of our customer service. Mission has been involved since the beginning with smallwares, equipment, and delivery.

His advice to someone starting in the industry is to be true to yourself, your culture, your heritage. And learn from everyone around you.

Chef Larry has won numerous awards. Most recently he was on the show Beat Bobby Flay for a carne asada battle, which he won! Most notably the Delgado Collective was named a semifinalist for the 2022 James Beard Award for Outstanding Restaurateur.

A few of the Delgado Collective’s favorite products:

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