Pieter Sypesteyn, Chef/Owner of Golden Wat Noodle House and NOLA Brunch and Beignets, grew up in the food industry. His family owned a pizza restaurant in New Orleans, and he went on to go to culinary school.

Fifteen years ago, he moved with his wife to San Antonio, where they opened Cookhouse and NOLA Brunch and Beignets.

Cookhouse and NOLA Brunch and Beignets both featured the flavors of New Orleans. But over the years Pieter and his wife talked about bringing Cambodian food to San Antonio.

Chef/Owner Pieter Sypesteyn in the kitchen at Golden Wat Noodle House

They mostly make Cambodian food at home and decided it was time to share the food and culture with San Antonio. They decided to close Cookhouse and open Golden Wat Noodle House. Golden Wat Noodle House is a tribute to his wife's culinary heritage. It features authentic Cambodian food from family recipes.

One of Pieter's favorite menu items is the Ginger Chicken. It brings back happy memories when his wife's dad would make it for him after he got home from a long day of working in the kitchen.

Golden Wat Noodle House is bringing Cambodian food and culture with San Antonio

Another favorite menu item is the Coconut Milk Tapioca. He was initiated by the Cambodian families by making this dish with them right before his wedding.

Pieter's advice to someone starting in the food industry is to remember that it is important that you are providing good service along with the food. All the hard work that you put in pays off when you can create amazing experiences and memories for your customers.

Check out Golden Wat Noodle House in San Antonio at www.goldenwatnoodlehouse.com. And for a New Orleans-inspired brunch, check out NOLA Brunch and Beignets at www.eatatnola.com.

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