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When Brent Cloyd bought what is now the Thirsty Penguin, he envisioned using the space as a retail strip. But plans changed once it was announced that drinks to-go will be permanent.

Frozen drink machines and drink refrigeration at Thirsty Penguin

Growing up in Houston, Brent visited Louisiana often for their daiquiris. He always wanted to open a daiquiri shop, so halfway through the remodel he pivoted. Thirsty Penguin is a unique concept as a drive-through beer barn with to-go daiquiris.

Coolers at Thirsty Penguin

In addition to the signature daiquiris, Thirsty Penguin also offers a full range of beers, draft beers, hard seltzers, and a wide variety of non-alcoholic drinks. Brent spent six months crafting the recipe for the signature daiquiris to ensure it didn't leave an after taste and would taste like a slushy drink.

Brent's advice to someone starting in the industry is to make sure food and beverage is in your blood. It's time consuming and will take everything out of you. You'll be working all the time so make sure you enjoy it.

Seating outside with a fresh serving. The sign visible from the road.

Check out the Thirsty Penguin at 14751 W State Hwy 29, Liberty Hill, TX 78642 and visit their website

Thirsty Penguin's Top Products:

  • FFA235R31 Frozen Drink Machine, Non-Carb, Cylinder Type 12Qt - NOT ONLINE
  • Amerikooler Walk-In Cooler - NOT ONLINE