[Infographic] Choosing the Perfect Ice Type

What is the best ice type? Ice cubes or gourmet ice? Flake ice or nugget ice? Ice machines make different ice types depending on the model and manufacturer, but what ice is the right ice for you? Some ice blends better, some ice melts slower, some ice makes fountain drinks more fun, and some ice protects fresh food products better. Learn about the different types of ice and why one ice shape might be better for your business versus another ice type with MissionRS' Choosing the Perfect Ice infographic.

Mission Restaurant Supply's Guide to Ice Type

guide to the perfect ice type

Whether you serve cocktails or smoothies, sell fresh produce, or treat sprained ankles, there's an ice type perfect for your business. The right ice can make drink's flavor last longer or enhance the appearance of delicate vegetables. Find out more about the different ice types ice machines make on the MissionRS website.