Buttons: Keeping Up With Keith “Buttons” Hicks

When we think about big foodservice personalities, there are few chefs that resonate quite like Keith “Buttons” Hicks. Hicks is the chef and owner at Buttons Restaurant, a popular Fort Worth dining venue that serves up southern food and music for the soul.

On any visit, Chef Hicks is unmistakable with his billowing salt-and-pepper beard, silver earrings, chambray chef coat, and his cool, relaxed vibe. Here, it is all about the “love, peace, and chicken grease,” a winning combination that has solidified his place in the North Texas foodservice market.

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Four Reasons Why Your Commercial Kitchen Layout Matters

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Many factors impact the success of your restaurant. And while we often think of food quality as the most important thing, the reality is that what’s happening in the back of the house not only directly impacts food quality, but it can ultimately make or break both the diner experience and your restaurant’s overall performance.

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A Purposeful Partnership

Although our name may suggest that Mission is merely a restaurant supply company, in reality, that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Over the past 29 years, we have grown into a full-service dealer serving all kinds of food service businesses, from hotels to hospitals, C-Stores to supermarkets, bakeries to bars, and casual to fine dining restaurants.

Additionally, one of the largest sectors that we work with is schools, including both kindergarten through 12th grade and colleges & universities.

We are very honored to work with independent school districts across Texas, one of which includes Austin Independent School District (AISD). Chef Louis Ortiz is the Executive Chef at AISD and a great friend and partner of our team.

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Alamo Drafthouse: Bringing Together Great Food, Film, and Drinks Since 1997

Going to the movies is often the best medicine after a long work week. Here at Mission Restaurant Supply, we love indulging in a trip to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas.

The Alamo Drafthouse was founded in Austin, Texas, in 1997 by Tim and Karrie League. Today, there are locations across Texas and in widespread locales across the United States, from Denver, Colorado, to Ashburn, Virginia, to name a few.

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Elevated Dining in the Alamo City

The Cured Craftsman

When we think of restaurants that have become a staple in the San Antonio community, Silo Elevated Cuisine comes first to mind.

Dining at a Silo restaurant is a study in balance. Patrons love that it is both upscale and relaxed, sophisticated yet unstuffy. The menu reflects a commitment to fine, modern dining with presentations that are always inventive and service that is unfailingly top-notch. It’s a place to return to, always serving epicurean experiences that linger in memory.

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The Cured Craftsman

The Cured Craftsman

In the restaurant industry, there are few things more important than originality and a creative spirit. Having a unique, clear vision can be difficult in such a saturated market, but when one is dreamt up and wisely executed upon, good things are sure to follow.

Chef Steve McHugh is one such visionary bringing creativity and originality to the Texas restaurant scene.

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