Commercial Baking Supplies

Customers only encounter the smallest fraction of a bakery's floor space, but even with an expansive room of ovens and preparatory tables, storage can be cramped and scarce. With ingredients kept in bulk, counters, shelves, and enough reserved room for actual baking, it may seem there's nowhere to keep commercial baking supplies. While different systems work for different businesses, these four hints can optimize using the space that never seems to be enough.  1. Priority Shelving: Sugar, flour, salt, oil, eggs--some ingredients are so essential to baking that hundreds of pounds must be kept on hand. It's unavoidable but needn't deplete every shelf and walkway. Ordering your shelves by immediate use allows the bulk, less-used supplies to fill the inconvenient top shelves, preserving the lower shelves for daily needs.  2. Stackable Pans: Except in the early morning baking, most pans sit unused throughout the day. Manufacturers create most of their products to stack easily into each other, but a further system can be developed that condenses even bread pans and cookie trays together. Strategizing and puzzling the pieces together, and sharing this order with coworkers, can fully compact the dozens or hundreds of cluttered pans.  3. Orderly Drawers: Almost any baker will store utensils, brushes, and decorating tools in drawers, but in the rush of production, pieces get misplaced and cramped spaces jam. Using dividers and a memorable arrangement can prevent this and allow most tools to remain out of the way but always readily available.  4. Unused Ovens: For almost every bakery, multiple ovens must be used to produce enough breads and pastries by opening time, but many soon lie dormant for the rest of the day. Storing the same unused pans in one or more of these ovens can create ample counter and shelf space for other commercial baking supplies.

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