4 Ways To Fill Your Restaurant on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. As a restaurant owner/manager, you are likely thinking about how to fill your tables.

Here are four areas that we suggest you consider to meet that goal.

The Food

Restaurant Valentines Plate

There are a couple of different ways that you can adjust your menu to make your food Valentine’s Day friendly. Gourmet Marketing suggests you focus on making your existing items in heart and flower shapes or pastel, soft colors. Like the picture above, sauces and foods shaped in hearts can add a measure of whimsy to your plates.

Swipely’s first tip is to have a menu focused on aphrodisiacs like chocolate, oysters, and wine. Combine these two ideas, like a rose made of chocolate on every table, and you can get twice the atmosphere. You can also help couples on a budget by offering a Valentine’s Day special that combines a complete meal at one set price.


Camera and Flowers

DB Squared suggest that you go beyond creating Valentine’s Day specials and pair with local vendors to create an evening to remember. Invite a local florist and photographer to set up in your restaurant. You can then market a complete evening and pool resources to reach many people who are looking to have services combined.

Perfect Proposal

Offer to help customers arrange a proposal at your restaurant on Valentine's day.

Gourmet Marketing also suggests advertising that you are willing to help with the perfect proposal. Let your customers know that you’re willing to help them hide the ring in the food, have a photographer ready for the big moment and/or even provide limo rides to and from the restaurant. You can even offer a “proposal package” that includes several aspects of the evening combined.

Anti-Valentine’s Day

Anti-valentines day meals of onions and garlic.

The final suggestion also comes from Swipely. There are plenty of people who are anti-Valentine’s Day and deciding to cater to them could actually fill your tables, despite contrary belief. Offer kiss-repellent items like garlic and onions or have a singles night where groups of friends (especially women) can celebrate their singleness in style.

No matter who you are catering to, make sure you advertise in advance so that people making plans know you are the place they want to spend that special night.

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