While they may never be ordered by a customer, of all the bar supplies you may get for your business, cleaning materials may be the most important. People notice the cleanliness of an eating space before they order, and the quality of the floors and tables often determine whether or not they return. No owner will contend, then, that air fresheners and paper towels may be neglected during stock and inventory, but deciding the types and amounts to buy can be complicated. 

Storerooms have a very limited space, and managers must often deliberate what bulk materials and ingredients should be kept on hand. Food, drinks, and dinnerware should always fill the most shelves and floor area, but none of those materials will matter in a filthy business. Cleaning supplies have to occupy storage space as well, but when even brooms come in a dozen varieties, extensive purchases can fill the largest of areas.

When taking inventory, it's important to know how much and how frequently a material is used. Dust mops need to be replaced regularly, but depending on the floor space, they can remain usable for a month, which would make keeping a dozen extras on hand excessive. Similarly, certain upholstery like leather requires special towelettes for upkeep, but these will be needed less than window cleaners and sanitation tablets; these can be purchased and stored as needed.

The biggest danger in encountering so many specialty products is to buy one of everything, just to be prepared. This might be a wise tactic for a maid service industry but rarely a restaurant. The key to these products is the modifier "specialty," and for most general businesses, one generic brand or tool will suffice in functionality. Cleaning supplies and storage of them should be a priority, but careful, tactical purchases will ensure that many more of the true products of a business may be kept stocked and available.

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