Buying restaurant equipment is no different than buying a new car.

Once you drive off the lot there are certain things that need to be done regularly to keep your car from breaking down. Every 3,000 miles the oil needs to be changed. Tire pressure should be checked frequently. The air filter needs to be cleaned or replaced after a while.

Although commercial refrigerators don't have radiators to flush or windshield wiper blades to replace, there is a certain amount of preventative maintenance that needs to be done to ensure they don't fail.

Service companies are more than happy to stop by your restaurant and "fix" the problem. They're also more than happy to give you the bill for their service.

To avoid product loss, lost sales, and staggering service bills, the condenser must be cleaned regularly!

  • Unplug your commercial refrigerator so there isn't any electrical power.

  • Depending on whether the condenser is mounted on the bottom or top of the refrigerator, remove any protective housing or louvered grills. You'll need a screw driver for this step.

  • You'll probably see dirt and dust on the condenser coil. Using a brush or a vacuum, remove any visible debris. Compressed air can also be used to blow out debris.

  • Once all of the debris has been removed replace the protective housing or louvered grill and plug the unit back in.

No matter how clean your commercial kitchen is your condenser will inevitably accumulate dirt and dust particles. If too much debris from the air is pulled through the condenser, it can lead to a failed compressor.

By cleaning the condenser monthly, you'll be able to avoid those expensive service bills and even lower your electric bill!

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