Need Help Sizing Your Tablecloths?

Picking the right tablecloth color or pattern can be a daunting task. There seem to be so many options for someone looking to liven up their dining area. Do I want a bright and colorful look? Maybe something more muted and neutral?

Making those decisions seems like a breeze for most people once they realize they have to choose the right tablecloth size.

You don’t have to recall your high school geometry class to accurately size your tablecloths. Sizing your tablecloths is easy!

  1. Know the size of your tabletops because that’s the biggest factor in accurately sizing your tablecloths.
  2. Decide how long you want the tablecloth “drop” to be. The drop is the length of tablecloth that’s going to hang over each side of your table. This can be tricky because everyone’s opinion differs, but a safe drop length is between 8 and 12 inches on each side. If you’re going for a more formal look, the drop length should increase to 29 inches, assuming your table height is a standard 30 inches.
  3. Factor in a few more inches because some tablecloths have a tendency to shrink after they are washed.


Tabletop Size 12″ Drop 29″ Drop
24″R 48″R 84″R
30″R 54″R 90″R
36″R 60″R 96″R
48″R 72″R 108″R
60″R 84″R 120″R
72″R 96″R 132″R


Tabletop Size 12″ Drop 29″ Drop
24″ X 24″SQ 48″ X 48″SQ 84″ X 84″SQ
30″ X 30″SQ 54″ X 54″SQ 90″ X 90″SQ
36″ X 36″SQ 60″ X 60″SQ 96″ X 96″SQ
48″ X 48″SQ 72″ X 72″SQ 108″ X 108″SQ
60″ X 60″SQ 84″ X 84″SQ 120″ X 120″SQ
72″ X 72″SQ 96″ X 96″SQ 132″ X 132″SQ


Tabletop Size 12″ Drop 29″ Drop
6′ Banquet Table 60″ X 108″ 90″ X 132″
8′ Banquet Table 60″ X 120″ 90″ X 156″


Tabletop Size 3 Sides Full Coverage
6′ Banquet Table 11′ 17′
8′ Banquet Table 13′ 21′
36″R N/A 10′
48″R N/A 13′
60″R N/A 16′
72″R N/A 19′

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    I have a dining room table which measures 60″ x 96″. Based on your above info, I think the tablecloth should measure 84″ x 120″. Is this the correct size and if so, where can I find this size? I’ve looked online and can’t find any.

    i’m interesting in an square table cloth that measure 3 36×36, 3 42×42 1 24×42 can you please left me know the prices

    I need a table cloth that measures 5′ by 7′ this includes the drop, do you have anything? Thanks Eugene Riotte

    Looking for the correct size tablecloth for 32 x 43 bar tables for a cocktail hour after my daughter’s wedding.

    Would 90″ round be too much?

    Thanks much,

    Hi Anita! I just wanted to follow up. We’ve emailed you with a few questions so we can help you find the right size. Sorry for the delay and hope we can be of assistance!

    -Team Mission

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