Food Prep: Quick & Easy with Sandwich/Salad Units

Like any business, a sandwich shop relies on the efficiency of its equipment. During a rush, employees need to have every item within ready reach. Ingredients must be kept fresh and cool for optimum flavor. Furthermore, ingredients should be carefully arranged to enable quick assembly. Mission Restaurant Supply has affordable solutions for your sandwich making needs. We offer a wide variety of sandwich prep tables to help your business succeed. A sandwich table is a vital piece of equipment for those who wish to prepare and serve sandwiches. The refrigerated unit possesses an open space on top for ingredient storage. You can organize pans in a line according to recipe, enabling your cooks to work efficiently on the countertop in front of the ingredient space. Below the workspace, a refrigerator holds backup ingredients at the ready so you can work with maximum efficiency. Mission Restaurant Supply offers sandwich tables in many sizes.  Bigger units (with 10 + pans) allow for better organization of backup ingredients, enabling your cooks to replace dwindling materials without sacrificing time running to the main cooler.

A larger example of a sandwich/salad prep table: 2 refrigerated undercounter storage cabinets with 16 ingredient pans.
If your menu offers only a few sandwiches, a smaller sandwich table may better suit your needs. These smaller units have only one refrigerator below the workspace. Most are equipped with rolling casters, which enable you to move the table around your kitchen as you see fit. Sandwich tables from Mission Restaurant Supply are available in many widths and depths to
suit your kitchen's specific requirements. Shop all of our Sandwich Table Options.

This smaller unit features 1 door of refrigerated storage and 8 pans.
Whether your business offers a wide selection of sandwiches or only a few, a sandwich table is an asset for organization and efficiency. They provide your cooks the space they need to prepare sandwiches with speed and accuracy. All of our sandwich tables are attractive and built to last by trusted manufacturers, like True Mfg and Turbo Air. Mission Restaurant Supply has the variety and the prices you need for your business- browse our selection today, and if we can be of any help directing you to the right equipment, please don't hesitate to leave a comment right here on the blog post or give us a call at 800-319-0690.

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