Gearing Up For Summer

As summertime comes racing towards us, we can bet the number of parties will be increasing as people move outdoors and start inviting friends over to enjoy the warmer weather. Good company is generally all you need to make a successful party, but now you can kick it up a notch by serving up refreshing beverages in equally refreshing glassware. Or should we say plastic drinkware


 We are excited to now stock a fun assortment of heavy-duty plastic drinkware that looks just like your favorite bar glasses. Our selection provides you a great alternative for parties where glassware tends to topple over or shatter. Now you can get the look of a real glass and drink in style without jeapordizing your more expensive glassware. Why Buy Plastic Drinkware?
  • We have a large assortment, from Rocks Tumblers, Margarita Glasses, Beer Mugs and Pilsner Glasses, Wine Glasses, Martini Glasses, Goblets, and more
  • Skip the high cost of replacing glassware by washing and reusing these durable polycarbonate alternatives
  • Dishwasher Safe- just pop it in the dishware!
  • Sold by the case (usually 1 dozen per case) so you can buy enough for a party environment
  • Great prices!
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