Memorial Day Sweepstakes

Our latest sweepstakes comes just in time for Memorial Day and Summertime Soirees. We are giving away 3 awesome Fire Wires® – the flexible, innovative BBQ-grilling skewer that is winning the South over.


Here are some reasons the Fire Wire is a must-have for your home or business: 1. It’s made of 100% food grade stainless steel. 2. It’s 2x as long as a traditional grilling skewer. 3. Don’t have to touch the food twice- simple string food on the Fire Wire, marinate in a bag,  and throw it on the grill! 4. It’s very flexible so you can position the skewer on the grill in many formations. 5. Lifetime Guarantee!  Here’s how you can win: Rules: 1. This contest is limited to residents of the United States. For complete rules visit the Mission Restaurant Supply Official Sweepstakes Rules Page. 2. Entries will be accepted from now until 12:00 noon (Central Time) on Friday, May 25th. 3. THREE winners will be selected at random from all entries on this post and announced on the blog at 12:30 p.m. (Central Time) on Friday, May 25th! How To Enter:
  • Leave a comment on this post telling us what kitchen equipment and/or supplies you’d love to see on
  • OR, share with us any tips you may have on how to create the perfect BBQ or Grill Out! (Secrets to perfect grilled product? Great Marinades? Party tips? Recipes? You name it!)
If you want an extra shot at winning:  Leave a comment with your name and/or Twitter Handle letting us know if you’ve done either of the above and we will count the extra submission(s). If you post this giveaway on your wall or ReTweet one of our posts regarding the giveaway, simply leave another comment with a link and we will make note! Also, be sure to Find us on Google Plus. Don’t want to wait? Buy yours here today! PLEASE NOTE: Neither Fire Wire, Facebook, Google Plus, or Twitter are affiliated with this Sweepstakes.
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    The answer to a great grilling experience is marinate, marinate, marinate. Only the best cuts of beef do not need marinate. I love soy-mustard based marinate with theme based spices, i.e. cumin ,oregano, etc. Try it you might like it!

    I love everything cooked on the grill; the entree, sides and desserts. Grilled veggies are my favorite, grilled peaches with pound cake are awesome, and the meat – marinate, season and take your time and let it cook.

    Here’s what I recommend. Get your grill good and hot. The ideal temperature is one that will cook the steak to the desired doneness in the shortest amount of time without burning the surface. Place the room temperature steaks on the grill and close the lid. Watch closely to avoid flare-ups and turn when the sides start to turn gray and the bottom side has good grill marks on it. Flip and close the lid again. Continue to watch for flare-ups. When the sides are gray all the way through and the second side has good grill marks check for doneness.

    I would love those skewers. Love your website and products, I keep telling my husband he needs to put a 20×30 addition on my kitchen because I am ordering my new commercial ovens, sinks, etc….we can all dream can’t we? Someday!!

    My husband loves to cook, and is such a great chef! He cooks on the grill all year long, not just in the summer months. He also caters, and we have purchased a lot of equipment from you. He goes in your store, and just browses for hours. I can’t think of anything that you don’t have, that we would need! Thankyou for this chance to win the skewers for him. He would love them!

    Love grilling!!! Smoking!!!! Would love to see McCormicks culinary mesquite grill seasoning on your shelves!! Great on Shrimp & all proteins !!!

    I love using Pecan Wood and getting my grill Extra Hot before I start any Grilling. I always Marinate my Meat 24 Hours if not more, and if you don’t Rush the Process….You get Yummy Results Everytime.

    My husband loves to cook, what a great chef! He cooks anything and everything on the grill all year long. He loves the equipment from your store, just browses for hours. Thank you for this chance to win the skewers for him.

    CONGRATS TO OUR 3 WINNERS! Charles Miller, Susan Reed, and Georgia Gonzalez- you’ve won our Memorial Day Sweepstakes!! Email me at so we can get your Fire Wire Flexible Grilling Skewer sent out to you! You can also contact us on Facebook! Thank you to all of those who entered, tweeted, and helped spread the word!

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