11 Unusual Food Fusions

Food fusion is not a new trend. According to Wikipedia, it’s been around since the 70's. Arguably the most familiar version is Tex-Mex and Asian fusion that often combines Japanese Sushi, Korean BBQ and Chinese stir fry. The interesting and delicious combinations are almost limitless.

There are some very unique and unusual combinations popping up. Plated.com recently posted an article about what people in the industry think of Food Fusion:

Jennifer En, a recipe editor, has had her share of both the good and the bad:

"I’ve eaten some pretty terrible, wackadoo fusion dishes. That said, we recently made a French onion soup burger in the test kitchen, and I recall approving of it wholeheartedly."

Suzanne Dumaine, a culinary manager, says to make sure it makes sense:

"Fusion food can walk a fine line. When the two cuisines enhance each other, it can be brilliant and delicious. When they don’t…it can just be confusing or gimmicky."

If you’re looking for new food fusion ideas, we’ve gathered a sampling from Trendhunter.com's "40 Cross Culture Food Fusions".


Salty Chocolate Nachos

Chocolate nacho chips with salted chocolate topping

"In a hilarious attempt at merging the worlds of Mexican cuisine and holiday desserts, a chicken chain in the United States is now offering chocolate nachos as part of its holiday dessert menu." -- Jonathan Brown

Sugar Cookie Candy Tacos

sugar cookie tacos with candy filling

"The sugar cookie candy tacos recipe is a quick and easy way to put your Halloween chocolate bits to deliciously good use." -- Nikki Taylor

Bacon-Woven Chocolate Taco

Bacon taco shell with ice cream filling covered in dark chocolate

"This dessert/breakfast combo is perfect for thrill-seeking foodies, combining the savory flavor of bacon with the sticky sweetness of ice cream and the bitterness of dark chocolate. The resulting confection is one of the most creative and delectable desserts of recent years." -- Amanda Greer

Philly Cheese Steak Ice Cream

Philly cheese steak flavored ice cream and sandwich in a bowl

"The Philadelphia CheeseSteak Ice Cream is certainly a man's take on the usually sweet dessert. Daring dudes certainly won't feel girly eating this sweet savory treat alone at night." --Marina Rotharmel

Asian Fusion

Fruit Sushi

Unagi and banana rolls from the Ballagio

"An increasingly popular dish at North American sushi restaurants is tempura banana." -- Bianca Bartz

Caviar Burgers

Caviar Burger from Serendipity3

"With this opulent dish being a reality, it remains to be seen whether this idea will become marketed as the new Western sushi, or the Asian burger." -- Howard Wu

Chinese Pizza

Egg roll-stuffed Chinese pizza

"This egg roll-stuffed pizza is the result of an argument over whether pizza or Chinese food makes for better leftovers." -- Cody Turner

Asian-Mexican Fusion

Sushiritto (or Sushirrito)

Burrito style sushi roll from Sushiritto

"The Sushiritto restaurant in San Francisco has been met with incredible success...Melding savory Latin tastes with the clean and crisp taste of fresh sushi, Sushiritto is introducing those who are not so fish-friendly to the Asian delicacy in an entirely new way." -- Vivian Lau

Asian-Infused Tacos

Edamame Egg Salad in Tortilla

"The Edamame Egg Salad mixes the light bean snack into your egg salad to create a fresh, yet distinct flavor... a taco wrap to serve the egg salad on rather than a regular piece of bread. The result is a mixture of different flavors and customs coming together to create an exciting new dish." -- Leslie Chen

Mexican Fusion

Mexican Mashed Pizza Flatbread

Mexican Flatbread Pizza

"The next time you are struggling to decide whether to go Mexican or Italian, consider whipping up a taco quesadilla pizza to satisfy both worlds." -- Shiori Mine

Thanksgiving Burrito

Thanksgiving Burrito with leftovers from dinner

"Once Turkey day is over you are going to be left with an abundance of meat, beans and stuffing, which you can then turn into a festive Thanksgiving burrito." -- Nikki Taylor

Still not convinced that you want to risk food fusion? Bigthink.com discusses the global effect that food fusion could have with a quote by Jean Houston:

Through my travels, I have developed a palate that savors the rich and varied flavors of the world table. Naturally, I try to bring together ingredients and techniques widely separated by geography and culture in the dishes I prepare. In the process of inventing my own recipes, I have discovered that if you mix cuisines you change the templates of consciousness. This is not exactly to say that a limited cuisine limits the mind and its matters, but rather that greater variety in foods and their fixing quickens the centers of awareness to potentials and perspectives not generally known to those whose diet is limited to regional equivalents of bread, meat, and potatoes.