Since 1995 Techfrost has been manufacturing blast chillers, specializing in more compact, smaller models capable of reaching temperatures only larger units could reach. Popular in pastry, gelato, gastronomy, bakery and ice cream applications, Techfrost blast chillers and blast freezers offer professional grade, quality performance. Blast chilling and blast freezing captures food's natural freshness, color and taste and seals it in for serving. Techfrost products offer the benefits of blast chilling and blast freezing in a line-up small enough for tight kitchen spaces.

For years, Techfrost blast chillers and blast freezers have increased the value and improved production of artisan desserts such as ice cream, gelato and ice cream cakes. Techfrost blast freezer-chillers feature fast blast chilling cycles that harden food ultra-fast and preserve natural taste and flavor.

Techfrost blast chiller-freezers also offer numerous health and food safety advantages. The fast-freezing by Techfrost products helps maintain the chemical structure of freshly cooked foods and ensures food product keeps safe for eating. Techfrost blast chiller and blast freezers feature an indirect ventilation system to prevent food from dehydrating and ward off bacteria growth.

Beyond cold dessert and cooked food, Techfrost blast freezer products are also ideal for bread-making and working with dough. Bread dough, including raw, partially-cooked and leavened dough, is kept safe in a Techfrost blast chiller/freezer. Techfrost blast chillers and blast freezers are also great for storing fresh baked bread to seal in freshness.

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  1. Techfrost Wire Shelf - 14" W x 12-3/4" D
    Techfrost Wire Shelf - 14" W x 12-3/4" D
  2. JOF 23 Blast Freezer
    JOF 23
    Blast Chiller / Blast Freezer - 1.18 Cu Ft
  3. JOF 1 Blast Freezer
    JOF 1
    Blast Chiller / Blast Freezer - 2.9 Cu Ft
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