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Helpful resources for food industry operators.

Explore resources we have gathered for foodservice operators. Our resources page includes useful signage for your operations, information from our manufacturer partners, informational guides and infographics, and more. Check back frequently as we will continue to add resources.  

Printable resources that can be posted in your operation to keep your staff informed.

Expecting a Freight Shipment?

If you placed an order with Mission Restaurant Supply that includes equipment that needs to be delivered as LTL Freight Shipment, please refer to this document regarding instructions for receiving your delivery and potential damage. Be sure to review our Shipping Policy and Damage Policy.

Be Wise and Sanitize

Helpful tips for cleaning and sanitizing your operation. What’s the difference between cleaning and sanitizing? Make sure all of your food-contact and frequently touched surfaces are not just clean but are also sanitized. This is a great sign to print out and post in your kitchen and the back-of-the-house a regular reminder.

We ♥ Food Safety

Helpful tips to ensure you are safely serving food. This is a great sign to print out and post in your kitchen as a regular reminder of how to keep food in the safe zone, prevent cross-contamination, and how to properly wash hands.

Choking Poster

What should you do if someone is choking in your operation? It’s hard to think on the spot in an emergency. This sign gives you all the steps if someone in your operation is conscious choking and what to do if they become unconscious. It’s recommended that you post a choking poster in your operation.

Food Refrigeration & Storage Guide

How Long Will It Keep? Need a quick refresher on food storage and refrigeration? This infographic will get you up to speed on the best food safety practices for storing and refrigerating foods

Resources provided by our manufacturer partners. These files can be downloaded for quick reference. 

How Much Ice Do You Need?

Before choosing an ice maker, take a look at how many customers you serve and what type of ice you will need.

Use this ice calculator to help you find the ice machine that is right for you.

Travis Water Filters Guide

Not sure which Travis water filter is the right one for you? Check out our reference guide.

Care and Use of Cutlery

Learn more about basic knives and their uses and types of grinds and edges. The cleaning and care of Dexter-Russell's products is critical to their long-term performance. We recommend adherence to these guidelines to maximize the performance of Dexter-Russell products.

Foodservice and Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

Use this checklist to help guide proper cleaning practices in your restaurant or foodservice facility.

Informational resources such as guides, infographics, and more that are insightful for operators. 

COVID-19 Links

This page offers links to categories and products that are currently in-demand. In addition, we have gathered COVID-19 resources that may be helpful.

How to Keep Pesky Pests Out of Your Restaurant

Whether your pest problem is discovered during a health inspection or by a guest, it can quickly damage your restaurant’s reputation. Plus, evidence of pests can result in lost customers and revenue.

Check out our guide to learn more about commong pests, the dangers they pose, and how to rid them from your restaurant.

Driving Growth: 6 Benefits of Adding a Food Truck

The food truck industry is booming… don’t get left behind! Taking your restaurant on the road is a great way to grow your brick-and-mortar business.

Check out our guide to learn how a food truck can help you.

Seizing Sustainability: Tips for Environmentally Responsible Restaurants

The sustainability trend is gaining a lot of momentum and is becoming increasingly more important to restaurant customers.

Check out our guide for tips to help your restaurant become more sustainable.

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