Cotton Candy Carts and Stands

Cotton candy carts and stands are a great way to boost sales and support your commercial cotton candy machine. Cotton candy carts and stands come in bright colors with fun graphics to attract customers. Cotton candy stands and carts provide a stable base for you cotton candy machine as well as supply storage.

Select a cotton candy cart for mobile cotton candy sales. Concession carts are great for park, fair and carnival cotton candy sales. Cotton candy carts are sold separately from cotton candy machines but designed so the cotton candy maker matches perfectly and appears as one seamless piece of equipment. Cotton candy carts feature a well to drop your cotton candy machine into. If you'll be selling cotton candy in a more-remote location, far away from your stash of cotton candy supplies, you should look for a cotton candy cart with plenty of storage room, such as a cabinet or shelf, to hold your cotton candy floss sugar, serving bags, cotton candy cones and other cotton candy supplies so you always have them on-hand. If you will be selling cotton candy outdoors, you will want to consider weather and climate conditions as well as terrain. Choosing a commercial cotton candy cart with a powder coating is a good idea for outdoor settings because it is chip-resistant. And large spoked wheels aren't just neat looking, they can handle outdoor terrain a little better than casters and make pushing your cart around a little easier, too.

Cotton candy stands are another way to merchandise your cotton candy business. Cotton candy stands don't have large wheels as they are not designed to be pushed very long distances. Cotton candy carts are an ideal option for more-stationary cotton candy sales and indoor set-up. Some cotton candy stands are collapsible, so you can easily store and transport them. Cotton candy stands can come with casters, making it easier to roll the stand short distances, like when relocating the stand in a small shop or when taking out of the storage closet to set up for an upcoming event at your hotel, convention center or stadium. Cotton candy stands can also have shelves for convenient supply storage.

From ballparks and sports stadiums, to theme parks and fair grounds, to birthday parties and hotel events, incorporate a cotton candy cart or stand into your concession business for storage, mobility and a touch of fun!