Cotton Candy Machines

Choose the best cotton candy machine for your concession stand operation and start serving the popular, sweet, fluffy treat. Cotton candy machines usually consist of a spinning head unit with a dome enclosure, heating elements, sugar floss bowl and a motor. Choose from a durable, easy to clean aluminum bowl or a plastic bowl for a more economical option for your cotton candy maker. An aluminum cabinet adds durability as well.  Cotton candy machine heads may differ in spinning speed and heating element design. When selecting the best cotton candy machine for your foodservice operation, it's important to consider the size of the unit and the production rate. Choose a more compact unit when space is limited. Consider your product demand and how much cotton candy you'll need to produce to meet that demand. Once you've decided on the right cotton candy machine, you may need a cotton candy cart or stand to merchandise your cotton candy with. You can find cotton candy stands and carts, plus cotton candy supplies at as well to compliment your new commercial cotton candy machine.