Ice Machine Water Filter System for High Turbidity Water (1 gpm)

Manufacturer: 3M Purification
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A High Flow Ice Machine Water Filter from 3M Water Purification protects your ice machine from costly and harmful damage, saving your operation money and improving customer satisfaction. With an ICE125-S water filter system for high turbidity, your ice maker will produce better tasting, better looking and better smelling ice. The 3M ICE125-S filters out chlorine so ice tastes purer and cleaner and looks clearer. The filtration system also reduces sediment, which not only affects the taste of the ice, but excess sediment particles clog up the ice machine's solenoid valves and distribution tubes, impacting ice production. By reducing sediment, a high flow ice filter also prevents abrasive damage to ice maker pumps and seals. The water filtration system features a built-in scale inhibitor to reduce hard scale buildup on the ice maker's evaporator plates. By combining scale, sediment and chlorine reduction, the ICE125-S high flow single cartridge ice filtration system keeps your ice machine running smoothly, saving money wasted on downtime and service calls.


  • Built-in scale inhibitor system reduces costly damage from hard scale buildup on evaporator plates
  • Helps keep ice maker in good condition by reducing chlorine erosion on metal machine components
  • Reduces the effects of sediment and chlorine on taste and smell of ice and enhances customer satisfaction
  • Prevents valve blockage from excess sediment particles
  • Helps prevent abrasion damage to pumps, valves, o-rings and seals caused by hard sediment particles


  • Single cartridge
  • Valve-in-head with gauge
  • 1.0 micron rating
  • 1.5 gal/min flow rate
  • 10,000 gallon capacity
  • 3/8" FNPT
  • 1/4-turn shut-off valve
  • Max pressure of 125 psi at 100F
  • Reduces sediment, chlorine taste and odor, scale
  • For cubers up to 750 lbs and flakers up to 1,200 lbs

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