Food Pan Size Guide

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July 19, 2023 at 9:17:09 AM PDT July 19, 2023 at 9:17:09 AM PDTth, July 19, 2023 at 9:17:09 AM PDT

To run a successful foodservice establishment, it is necessary to understand the lingo and technical details that go into the supplies and equipment that are needed.

We have had some loyal customers rightfully ask about some of these details, so we decided to clear up one of the most frequently asked questions. Surprisingly (or not so surprisingly) the subject revolves around food pans and the breakdown of their sizes.

On, we have many different-sized food pans, ranging from full size to 1/9 size. These pans also come in a variety of depths, with typical depths between 2 1/2 to 6 inches, though sizes from ¾ inch to 8 inches aren't unheard of.

Furthermore, the standard full-size food pan is approximately 12" x 20". All other food pans are a variation on this size (e.g. a half size pan is roughly 12" x 10").

Here is a handy chart that has helped all of us, and many customers, better visualize the differences:

Below, you will find the approximate food pan dimensions for the most common sizes. We've also included gastronorm sizes.

These gastronorm sizes are standardized sizes of containers used in the catering industry.

Full SizeGN 1/120.75 Inches12.75 Inches
Two-Thirds SizeGN 2/313.75 Inches12.75 Inches
Half SizeGN 1/212.75 Inches10.38 Inches
Third SizeGN 1/312.75 Inches6.88 Inches
Quarter SizeGN 1/410.38 Inches6.38 Inches
Sixth SizeGN 1/66.88 Inches6.25 Inches
Eighth SizeN/A6.31 Inches5.19 Inches
Ninth SizeGN 1/96.75 Inches4.25 Inches

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