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At Cantex Continuing Care Network, Carolyn A. Harris, Vice-President of Nutrition Services and Vendor Relations, oversees the food service operation, clinical dietitians, and the overall operations of the Nutrition Services Department.

Carolyn began her career in the industry when she was young: as a dishwasher in the kitchen of the convent at her high school. In college, she studied to become a registered dietician.

Her advice for others starting in the industry is to surround themselves with experts. "You don't have to know everything," she says. "It's best to rely on others who have already 'been there done that' and have the resources and tools to help you."

With several facilities across Texas and Louisiana, and serving almost 10,000 meals per day, Cantex caters their menus by region and to the patients' needs. As the chair of the Menu Committee, Carolyn meets with chefs, dieticians, and kitchen managers to determine the types of meals they will serve.

In 2006, Cantex only had 16 facilities, and now they have grown to 38 facilities and kitchens. Mission Restaurant Supply has helped Cantex grow in the last 30 years. Even during renovations, Mission provided advice for upgraded equipment and supplies. "Mission has a great rep for us," says Carolyn. "Responds quickly. Good customer service. Availability of products is huge, and the pricing is very good!"

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