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Jessica Gutierrez was born and raised in McAllen, Texas. She opened Rebecca's in December 2016 with her sister shortly after their mother passed away. Rebecca's is named after her. The grand opening of Rebecca's was on her mother's birthday.

Rebecca's is unique because they offer cabrito. They carefully select the cabrito that they serve to ensure they offer the best that they can.

Cooking cabrito is an art. If you don't stake it correctly, it will fall apart, and it won't be able to cook correctly.

Rebecca's customers come from near and far to enjoy the cabrito. Rebecca's has regular customers that travel all the way from Houston, Rio Grande City, and Corpus Christi just for the cabrito!

A fun tidbit about Jessica – when she opened Rebecca's, she never had cabrito! But now she really enjoys it and has it about once a week!

Jessica's advice for someone starting in the industry is to make sure you know how to do all the positions in your restaurant.

During the pandemic, she was the cook, server, bartender, etc. due to being short on staff. She was able to continue service seamlessly at Rebecca's because she had proactively learned the skills of every position in her restaurant.

If you are in the McAllen area, Rebecca's is must-try and destination restaurant for their cabrito. They are located at 2200 W. Nolana in McAllen, Texas.