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Richard Hartman, Managing General Partner at Tycoon Flats, has been in the restaurant business and service industry since his high school years. Originally, Tycoon Flats was founded in 1983, but it closed in 2002. By 2008, Richard and his brother took over the business to help bring back that spirit of the original.

They wanted it to be a burger joint and beer garden with live music. Pretty soon, they started testing various burgers that became popular with his customers.

When it comes to advice, Richard offers two slices of truth. First, you have to love whatever it is you are doing. Secondly, you must understand the lifestyle of running a restaurant. "When the world works, we can play. But when the world plays, we've got to work."

He and Mission Restaurant Supply go way back, he says. He started in the restaurant industry back in 2001 with another business, and his sales rep and the staff are always there and very helpful.

"With Mission," says Richard, "you got the store, the repair shop, and the custom shop. So it's much more of an all-in-one restaurant supply and support."

Be sure to visit Tycoon Flats online at or at either of their locations!

Tycoon Flats North St. Mary's Strip
2926 N St Marys St
San Antonio, TX 78212

Tycoon Flats Alamo Heights
1017 Austin Highway
San Antonio, TX 78209

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