Indigo NXT™ QuietQube 816 lb Half Dice Cube Ice Maker - Remote Cooled

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The Manitowoc IYF0900C Indigo QuietQube Remote Air-Cooled Ice Maker with Patented CVD Technology is a 30-inch wide cuber that produces 816 pounds of "half dice" cube ice per day. Manitowoc's QuietQube Ice Machine Systems use patented Cool Vapor Defrost (CVD) technology to produce ice with cool vapor instead of hot gas. This makes the machines more reliable, more efficient, more productive, and last but not least, quieter than most other self-contained and remote ice machines. CVD technology allows the remote condenser unit (sold separately) to be placed further away from the ice machine, which makes the environment around the ice maker, where customers service their beverages, quieter and more pleasant.

Manitowoc's Indigo Series uses constant, twenty-four/seven reliable monitoring and intelligent diagnostics to simplify everything about ice making for your commercial operation. Smart technology improves energy management, sets proper ice production levels, streamlines cleaning processes, eases your food safety concerns, maintains ice quality and quickly displays up-to-date service information. Indigo ice makers are highly efficient with a low cost of ownership. The Manitowac IYF0900C Ice Maker features a DuraTech exterior for corrosion protection and a stainless finish with an innovative clear-coat that resists fingerprints and dirt. Depend on Manitowoc's IYF0900C Indigo Series Ice Maker for reliable, comfortable ice production for your commercial needs.

Note: A complete QuietQube Series Remote Ice Machine System consists of a Manitowoc ICVD remote condensing unit, interconnecting refrigerant lines, a QuietQube ice machine head section, along with an ice storage bin, countertop dispenser, or floor dispenser. All ordered separately. This product contains the ice machine head section with CVD technology only.

Note: A QuietQube ice machine with CVD condensing unit is designed as a Manitowoc system and cannot be used with any other ice machine or remote condenser brand.


  • QuietQube CVD technology creates a quieter environment around the ice maker
  • Unit is 30 inches wide, making it a popular choice for a wide array of applications, including full-service restaurants, fast food chains, grocery stores and more
  • Intelligent thinking – Indigo technology includes preventative warnings, collects and records service data, displays operational status, customizable languages, safe mode
  • "Half Dice" ice is a hard, clear ice cube with unique rhomboid shape and achieves maximum cooling with nearly 100% ice to water ratio (full dice cut in half)
  • Easy to maintain – Indigo ice machine heads feature tool-free, front-facing foodzones with a hinged front door that swings out for quick and easy access
  • Energy efficient and low cost of ownership
  • CVD technology makes for a more reliable, efficient and productive ice machine


  • Production: 816 pounds/24 hours
  • Ice type: Half dice cube
  • Compatible condenser: ICVD Remote Air-Cooled
  • Bin/dispenser, remote condensing unit, refrigerant lines sold separately

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